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Home Improvement with a Canvas Gallery Wrap Collage

One of the most important things you can do from a sales and marketing standpoint, particularly in our obviously visual market, is to show potential clients how they can display their images.

Inspiration and Practical Application Info at Digital Art Creation Magazine

You can never have enough information, even in the Information Age. Digital Art Creation, which is a quarterly online publication, is filled with content that includes photo and post-capture techniques, printing and post-printing tips, and a variety of other subjects of interest to photographers, designers and graphic artists.

Prints that Win: Curves of Iris

Michael and Tina Timmons, owners of The Portrait Gallery, Vassar, Mich., have been featured here before for Prints that Win, but for their printing expertise. Sterling photographers in their own right, they also know how to print for competition, and print winners.

Filling in a Beverage Barn’s Nooks and Crannies with Banner Branding

Rather than apply a patchwork quilt of adhesive-backed inkjet media to the cooler and ceiling beams at an area beverage barn, DeCrescente Distributing’s Monty Pyle decided to use JetFlex FL Matte (13 oz.) from LexJet.

How To Video: Canvas Corner Folding Options

When using the Canvas Stretch Master or Studio Canvas Master, there are a number of different options for folding canvas corners. Three of them are: Gift-wrap fold: the easiest and fastest of the three folds. Straight-edge fold: Tends to be neater but takes a little bit longer than the gift-wrap fold. Alternate straight-edge fold: Takes the longest amount of time due to trimming off excess canvas in the corners before stretching but tends to be the neatest of the three folds. In the video embedded below, learn how to make three different canvas corner folds. To learn more about the Canvas Stretch Master and Studio Canvas Master, you can check out these videos: Canvas Stretch Master Demonstration Studio Canvas Master Demonstration

Dimensional Multi-Media Branding Masterpiece by Spectra Imaging

Brian Rogers, founder and CEO of Spectra Imaging in Louisville, Ky., used practically every tool available to the modern print shop to create the three multi-dimensional, multi-media panels with accent lighting pictured here for Kroger at the University of Louisville Business Center.