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Explore the Transformative Power of Luxe Window Fabrics

Interior designers know that a simple and immediate method to complete a room's look is by dressing up windows in style and finding versatile and efficient solutions for enhancing interior spaces is essential. Whether it's creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in corporate offices, adding a touch of elegance to retail and hospitality settings, or ensuring privacy and comfort in residential homes, Squid® offers a unique window fabric solution that meets a variety of needs at a new LOWER price. This isn’t your typical window covering. It’s a fabric with the potential to have transformative effects for those seeking to enhance everyday places into luxury spaces.

You Asked, We Listened. What You Really Want to Know About LINTEC Window Films.

Window films are a high-quality, beneficial, simple, yet dramatic way to transform any space. As the digital printing industry becomes more environmentally conscious, the LINTEC eco-friendly window films offer solutions never before seen in our industry.

The Décor Guide: Our Go-To Products

In the burgeoning market of décor, the possibility for creative application is quickly expanding, and advances in technology have increased the selection of products available. To help you navigate this process, we’ve created a page of the Top Décor Products You Need Now as an easy guide to the essential tools for this growing business opportunity.

Dry Application: How to Apply LexJet Crystal Low-Tack to Glass

LexJet Crystal Low-Tack is an optically clear polyester with a removable pressure sensitive adhesive that is an excellent solution for removable window graphics. It can be front printed or reverse printed for inside or outside viewing. In the video embedded below you will learn how to install Crystal Low-Tack using a dry application with the Rivet/Dent Tool from Big Squeegee…