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Blaze a Trail in the Wayfinding Market

Retail stores, event planners, and businesses looking for unique advertising or directional solutions know that many surfaces can offer an opportunity to make a lasting impression, but determining the most durable and effective material for such purposes can often be a challenge.

The Décor Guide: Our Go-To Products

In the burgeoning market of décor, the possibility for creative application is quickly expanding, and advances in technology have increased the selection of products available. To help you navigate this process, we’ve created a page of the Top Décor Products You Need Now as an easy guide to the essential tools for this growing business opportunity.

Video Tip: Create 3D Floor Graphics with Photoshop

You can give your floor graphics the appearance of coming right out of the ground with this step-by-step video that walks you through manipulating your graphic using Photoshop. To create anamorphic art with a 3D illusion, you’ll need to download the LexJet Anamorphic PSD Template. You’ll use this along with your original graphic file to make the magic happen. The video above shows you how to: Size your graphic Work with your graphic in the template file Maintain image resolution Morph the image to the proper perspective Create a path for contour cutting Save your ready-to-print file Use a one-step, self-adhesive product like panoRama Walk & Wall for an easy-to-install, slip-resistant floor graphic that will really stop people in their tracks.

Turning a Bar Mitzvah into a Basketball Court with Inkjet Printing

With the large-format inkjet printing tools and media now at your disposal you can decorate just about anything, and turn the humdrum into something special. That’s exactly what Brett Feldman, owner of Unlimited Exposures, Manalapan, N.J., did at a recent bar mitzvah.

Free Floor and Carpet Graphics Application and Installation Guide

Floor and carpet advertising is a growing and lucrative market for graphics providers. Today, LexJet introduced a free downloadable guide to floor and carpet graphics, appropriately entitled An Application Guide to Floor and Carpet Graphics.