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Speed Past the Competition with Confidence

Discover the latest winning combination from General Formulations —the 830 AutoMark™ Cast with DRIFT® Technology and complementary 813 AutoMark™ High Gloss Clear UV Cast Laminate!

Explore the Future of Innovative Printable Textiles

With trade shows back in full swing, people are more excited than ever to gather and see the latest products and services offered up close and personal. The experience of seeing solutions in action may convince many consumers to make purchasing decisions during the shows, so attracting buyers is crucial, and the way to stand out in the large crowd of competitors is with a dynamic booth display. To succeed at live events, displays must showcase the very best of what an organization or business has to offer, starting with the aesthetics of the space. These live events can generate substantial returns on investment, potentially leading to a significant number of high-quality leads. Thus, being fully prepared to captivate the crowd becomes indispensable. Our booth at the recent Printing United Expo was our best one yet, dazzling visitors and immersing them in a world of innovation, color, and sensory delight as we showcased stunning displays created with cutting-edge materials from the...

Experience Color Like Never Before

Color brings imagery to life. Discover A World Without Printers is a World Without Color at LexJet booth #C6407 at PRINTING United Expo, October 19-21.

‘Tis Better to Give than Receive, so Gift Memories This Holiday Season

Capturing memories is a year-round activity, but it’s turning those memories into gifts that make the holidays unique. From weddings to births to bringing home a new pet, remembering a special moment requires a special photo paper, and LexJet has several award-winning options. Vacation Memories Remind your loved ones of the beauty of an exotic trip or wild nights under the Vegas lights with Sunset Photo Metallic Paper. The metallic finish is perfect for oversized wall art of bright cityscapes or vast landscapes mounted. You can mount the prints to board and display them without a frame. Photo Metallic offers rich colors, shine, and glossiness with maximum detail and minimal glare. Portraits and More When it’s time to give the gift of school portraits, family photos, or wedding albums, award-winning Sunset Photo eSatin Paper is what the pros use. Heavyweight and reminiscent of darkroom photos, Photo eSatin has a slightly textured finish that resists fingerprints and...

Beyond Vinyl: Discover the World of Latex Printing Applications

You’ve asked for the educational tools to help you discover the opportunities that latex printing can provide. Today, we’re introducing our Latex Applications page, a one-stop online page that offers business-building ideas and explores the many creative uses and benefits of latex-printable products.

Optimize Your Canon Printer’s Performance with the Firmware Update Tool

To make sure your Canon imagePROGRAF Printer is running at its optimal performance level, be sure to take advantage of the imagePROGRAF Firmware Update Tool V24.00.

You Print to it, and it Sticks

Not only does it stick, but LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric is repositionable and removable. As the video embedded below illustrates, the repositionable adhesive on the back of this bright-white fabric makes it super-simple to print, apply, reposition and remove with no residue.

Inspiration and Practical Application Info at Digital Art Creation Magazine

You can never have enough information, even in the Information Age. Digital Art Creation, which is a quarterly online publication, is filled with content that includes photo and post-capture techniques, printing and post-printing tips, and a variety of other subjects of interest to photographers, designers and graphic artists.

The Basics of Astrophotography

Astrophotography is about as niche a market as you can find in photography. Though composed mainly of astronomy enthusiasts, astrophotography may have some sales potential. After all, there are few things as striking as distant galaxies and nebulas to hang on the wall in large format. However, astrophotography for sale in the printing market is relatively untested and making the images is a complex, time-consuming process. Moreover, the approach to astrophotography is somewhat counterintuitive when compared to typical studio and daylight photography. “When you make a print, the quality of the print is going to have a direct relationship to the signal-to-noise ratio in the image. If you try to print something with a low signal-to-noise ratio it will look awful. People think when you raise the ISO it makes the image noisier; it doesn’t. The noise is the same. In fact, with digital cameras, and DSLRs specifically, the noise actually goes down when you raise the ISO. The trouble is...