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How To Video: Canvas Corner Folding Options

When using the Canvas Stretch Master or Studio Canvas Master, there are a number of different options for folding canvas corners. Three of them are: Gift-wrap fold: the easiest and fastest of the three folds. Straight-edge fold: Tends to be neater but takes a little bit longer than the gift-wrap fold. Alternate straight-edge fold: Takes the longest amount of time due to trimming off excess canvas in the corners before stretching but tends to be the neatest of the three folds. In the video embedded below, learn how to make three different canvas corner folds. To learn more about the Canvas Stretch Master and Studio Canvas Master, you can check out these videos: Canvas Stretch Master Demonstration Studio Canvas Master Demonstration

On Target with Inkjet Canvas Reproductions Benefitting Wounded Veterans

Amanda Crow, who owns a PostNet store in Norfolk, Va., knows the value of teamwork. She’s part of a team dedicated to honoring the 74 Naval Special Warfare members who have fallen in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as another team helping out Purple Heart recipients called Wounded Wear.

How To Video: Coating Canvas by Hand with a Roller

Canvas is a premium product for which your customers are paying a premium price. Taking the extra step of applying a protective coating is a step that everyone producing canvas prints should take to ensure that the print has that extra protection from the mishandling that may occur once it gets into a client’s hands. Sunset Gloss Coating and Sunset Satin Coating help by adding a tough, flexible layer of protection and contain UV inhibitors for maximum protection against lighting-induced fading. These coatings are typically applied using a high-pressure low-volume (HPLV) spray gun or by hand using a white high density foam roller. In the video below you will learn how to apply Sunset Gloss or Satin Coating using a roller…