Explore the Transformative Power of Luxe Window Fabrics

    Interior designers know that a simple and immediate method to complete a room's look is by dressing up windows in style and finding versatile and efficient solutions for enhancing interior spaces is essential. Whether it's creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in corporate offices, adding a touch of elegance to retail and hospitality settings, or ensuring privacy and comfort in residential homes, Squid® offers a unique window fabric solution that meets a variety of needs at a new LOWER price. This isn’t your typical window covering. It’s a fabric with the potential to have transformative effects for those seeking to enhance everyday places into luxury spaces.

    Office Spaces

    Squid®'s texture not only provides privacy but also adds warmth to office spaces, fostering a cozy ambiance that enhances productivity. Its high-end appearance allows for quick interior upgrades, while its creative potential enables the integration of eye-catching imagery for brand messaging and décor.

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    Retail Spaces

    Versatility is key in retail and hospitality settings, and Squid® delivers. Its moisture and heat-resistant fabric can be tailored to fit any type and window shape, offering elegant branding opportunities that blend seamlessly with existing textile elements. With Squid®, updating and refreshing interiors is both quick and cost-effective.


    Residential Spaces

    Designed as an alternative to net curtains, Squid® is the perfect solution for residential windows in need of privacy or sun protection. Its adaptability to windows of all shapes and sizes, combined with its compatibility with various architectural styles and interiors, makes it a versatile choice for homeowners. Additionally, Squid® provides daytime privacy while complementing curtains or other window decorations.

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    Key Benefits :

    Added Privacy- The self-adhesive, transparent fabric allows for daytime visibility while preventing outsiders from looking in.

    • Hassle-free Installation- It requires no fixtures or fittings. Whether it's round, triangular, or diamond-shaped windows, Squid® can be easily tailored to fit any size or shape, ensuring a precise and seamless finish without visible seams. Its compatibility with various window types, including skylights and glass domes, makes it a versatile option for any interior.
    • Environmentally Conscious- PVC-free and energy-efficient, it helps reduce air-conditioning costs, and with its UV resistance and heat-reflective properties, it offers protection from the sun's rays while maintaining optimal comfort indoors.

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