Embracing the Wallcoverings Trend

    In today's design landscape, wallcoverings have become a prominent trend in commercial and residential settings. From full-room applications to captivating wall murals and accent walls, they present limitless options for personalized and stylish designs. They provide a unique opportunity to transform any environment into a stunning visual masterpiece.

    The Right Technology

    EFI understands the importance of simplicity and efficiency when printing custom wallcoverings for your customers. One prime example of their efficient LED curing technology is the EFI™ Pro 32r+, which ensures exceptional durability for wallcoverings during installation and cleaning, plus several printing benefits. LED lamps are cool to the touch and have minimal heat output, which allows for a broader scope of print applications. They can be switched on and off instantly, without any intensity degradation, leading to faster operations and higher productivity. Prints emerge from the printer fully prepared for installation, eliminating the need for additional finishing.

    Image20240521093350Additionally, the low heat output prevents substrate warping and melting. If you require printing on larger rolls, the optional super-duty winder can accommodate media weighing up to approximately 1,750 pounds. This printer is also Type II certified without lamination.


    The EFI™ Pro 32r+ wide format roll-to-roll LED printer was designed to be everything you need to be more competitive and profitable in an economical, all-in-one, production-level printer. You’ll add significantly more capacity as it is a production-level 126-inch printer that can print up to 2,756 square feet per hour, and you’ll be able to offer customers a wider range of applications — including white, textiles, and double-sided — on a wider range of substrates. All with lower running costs, thanks to better ink consumption and lower power bills.



    In the rapidly growing wallcoverings market expected to reach billions in value, it's evident that technology is swiftly advancing to meet the increasing demand. Are you prepared to discover the potential that wallcoverings can bring to your business? To learn more, contact a Customer Specialist at 800-453-9538 or visit

    Liliana Wright
    Liliana Wright

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