Breathe New Life into Interior Décor

    When it comes to redefining spaces with stunning visuals, nothing quite compares to the combination of ChromaLuxe® Photo Panels and Wall Tiles and Epson® dye-sublimation printers. ChromaLuxe’s vibrant panels and tiles have the power to transform any space into a stunning showcase of creativity and personality. Their state-of-the-art coating infuses images directly onto sheets of metal or wood. Paired with Epson's innovative printing technology, graphics come to life with unparalleled clarity and precision, breathing new life into interior décor.

    ChromaLuxe® Photo Panels offer an easy and creative way for your customers to elevate any space, any time, using their favorite photographs. From hotels to high-end retail, corporate settings to public spaces, art installations to décor, all spaces will benefit from ChromaLuxe® Photo Panels’ image quality and depth, producing vivid graphics that make images jump off the panels.




    For added versatility, ChromaLuxe® Wall Tiles are an easy way to showcase many of your customers’ favorite photos at once without damaging walls. Available in three shapes: square, hexagon, and rectangle, they can turn their home into a personal art gallery. The various sized Wall Tiles have a rich and colorful white wood surface giving your customers a unique way to display personal photos, even when rearranging their living space.


    Unleashing Vibrant Graphics: Epson's Dye-Sublimation Printers

    Built to serve the unique needs of interior designers, décor specialists, and other businesses, Epson dye sublimation printers are engineered to offer easy and reliable operation and exceptional quality to help your business grow and expand your product line. Epson is renowned for its exceptional print quality and vibrant graphics, making it a top choice for professionals across various industries. With Epson's line of dye-sublimation printers, businesses can achieve remarkable results, from intricate designs to bold, eye-catching graphics.

    8.5-Inch F170 Printer

    Ideal for entry-level businesses or those looking to offer custom interior decor on a smaller scale, the Epson® F170 printer delivers excellent print quality. This small but mighty printer is capable of printing ChromaLuxe® panels up to 8 in. x 10 in. and Wall Tiles.



     24-Inch Epson® F570 Printer

    Stepping up in size and capability, the high-performance Epson® F570 printer caters to businesses seeking larger-format printing options. With the ability to print ChromaLuxe® panels up to 20 in. x 30 in. and Wall Tiles, it opens doors to a broader range of products.


    44-Inch Epson® F6470 Printer

    For décor projects demanding even larger dimensions, the Epson® F6470 printer is the ideal choice. With the capability to print ChromaLuxe® panels up to 40 in. x 60 in., it empowers businesses to tackle sizable projects with ease, expanding their creative potential and market reach.

    SureColor F6470 Product 07

    64-Inch Epson® F9470 Printer

     At the top of the line, the Epson® F9470 printer offers unmatched versatility and performance. Capable of printing ChromaLuxe® panels up to 48 in. x 98 in., it caters to businesses with ambitious projects and high-volume printing needs, ensuring exceptional quality and efficiency every step of the way.

    SureColor F9470 Front

    Redefining Spaces and Business Potential

    No matter the size or scope of your interior décor printing needs, Epson has a dye-sublimation printer to fit the bill. With the ability to print on ChromaLuxe® Photo Panels and Wall Tiles, businesses can transform spaces and unlock new opportunities across various industries.

    Whether it's adding personalized touches to a customer’s home or commercial space or producing striking signage, Epson's dye-sublimation printers offer the tools needed to bring visions to life. By harnessing the power of ChromaLuxe® Photo Panels and Wall Tiles and Epson technology, businesses can elevate their offerings, captivate audiences, and leave a lasting impression.

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    Liliana Wright
    Liliana Wright

    After a career as a wedding photographer and studio owner for over 12 years, Liliana now uses her knowledge and experience in the photography and printing industries to help other business owners reach new markets and overcome challenges with innovative and creative products. She is a maker and crafter by nature and enjoys using her creative skills to teach others to explore their unique talents.


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