OKI SignDirector Simplifies Distribution and In-Store Printing of Promotional Signs

    Many LexJet customers are using high-quality, LED toner-based color printers from OKI Data Americas to cost-effectively produce smaller, short-term promotional signs and banners on card stock, water-resistant paper, banner papers, and other materials.  The new SignDirector application from OKI Data Americas promises to make these OKI color printers even more appealing—particularly to those companies that need an easy way to consistently produce error-free, updated signage at multiple stores.

    With SignDirector, retailers can react quickly to the marketplace by printing signs on-demand at the store level. Headquarters can control brand consistency, pricing, and promotions while simplifying the printing process for store personnel.  Each store can efficiently print the corporate-approved signs they need on-site, without having to outsource the print job or wait for signs to be print and shipped from a central location.

    Store personnel simply log into the company’s portal, select the signs they need, and click print. With OKI’s driverless printing capabilities, the signs are printed correctly the first time and will be printed consistently at each store location.

    SignDirector eliminates the need to convert or manipulate documents in store because the merchandise group uploads a PDF for each new promotion, embeds the print settings, and assigns the store regions. The signs are only available to print during the specified promotion period, eliminating confusion about promotion start and end dates and ensuring that the right signs are printed at the right times. By reducing print errors, stores can better manage their printing costs and eliminate paper waste.  Plus, headquarters can track which signs are printed through status reports, allowing companies to better manage and oversee merchandising activity and support.

    The SignDirector Solution will be available as a flat-rate, full-site license that supports all store locations. The solution includes one year of maintenance and support.

    “At LexJet we are very excited about the release of OKI SignDirector,” says LexJet team leader Jason Metnick. “SignDirector will lower costs, provide consistency and make printing easier for our customers with multiple locations.”

    For ideas and information about how the SignDirector Solution and OKI Data color printers could benefit your business, call a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538. For more details on the OKI Data 9650 model color sign printers available from LexJet, you can download this brochure.  For a flyer about the new SignDirector solution, click here.

    On the OKI Data website (, you can watch a video demonstration or register for a live webinar about SignDirector.


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