Extend the Life of Your Investment

    When investing in innovative printing solutions and high-quality materials that can help your business reach new levels, protecting that investment through the addition of lamination is a strategic move that ensures the longevity and quality of your printed creations. Lamination prevents the printed surfaces from becoming worn, faded, or smudged, maintaining the vibrancy and integrity of your designs. With lamination, you not only enhance the durability of your prints but also uphold a professional standard in your final products, leaving a lasting impression on your clients, customers, or audience.

    Investing in the Mimaki UCJV300-160 printer, General Formulations RoughMark™ 285 film with 831 AutoMark™ Cast Gloss Clear Laminate, and Mimaki LA-160W laminator results in an unrivaled and seamless workflow solution. The UCJV300-160 printer boasts precision and versatility, rendering vibrant and detailed prints with ease. Paired with General Formulations vinyl film and laminate, creativity knows no bounds- producing stunning, durable graphics for various applications on rough surfaces. The final touch is brought by the Mimaki LA-160W laminator, ensuring impeccable finishes with enhanced protection. Together, this trifecta harmonizes innovation, quality, and efficiency.

    Mimaki Paves the Way in UV-LED Printing

    Mimaki’s revolutionary technologies have enabled those in the printing industry to enjoy improved print quality, speed, and versatility. The UCJV300-160 offers unparalleled flexibility and benefits to businesses of all types. It offers in-line cutting capabilities and features multi-layer printing for double-facing images.

    The UCJV300-160 64” printer delivers an amazing array of applications that are instantly dry, making it possible to laminate and/or cut immediately after printing for the highest efficiency in workflow. Its unique multi-layer printing produces innovative graphics for backlit applications as well as signs, posters, banners, labels, decals, and more. Some additional features include:

    • Highest media versatility with unparalleled scratch resistance
    • Three-, Four- and Five-layer printing for creative day/night displays and two-sided printing
    • Cut and print capability in one unit with new cost and material-saving cut functions
    • Best in class for profitability, combining high-quality print with ultra-low running costs
    • Eco-friendly with low VOC, UL GREENGUARD Gold certified UV-LED
    • Peace of mind with available 3MTM MCSTM and ICS warranties
    • Endless design possibilities with white ink



    Transform Spaces with General Formulations

    For displays that require some extra heavy-duty grit, General Formulations 285 RoughMark™ is an opaque polymeric vinyl film coated with a clear high-tack removable (HTR) acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive for textured or rough surfaces like brick, concrete, cinder block, metal, wood, and others. It’s a heavy-duty option offering clean removability. This film pairs well with General Formulations 831 AutoMark™ Cast Gloss Clear Laminate adding a high-gloss lamination film to help protect your quality prints when long-term protection is required.

    Increase Print Quality and Efficiency

    The Mimaki LA-160W laminator is a game changer for printing professionals looking to protect their printed works of art from prolonged contact with elevated levels of abrasion, moisture, contaminants, or chemicals that may diminish their longevity. This laminator is equipped with a warming function available to heat up to a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius/140 degrees Fahrenheit to help reduce silvering caused by the unevenness of a print surface as a result of tiny air bubbles that are caught between the print and the overlaminate film. This undesirable effect is most often noticeable around the dark areas of a print. Some of the best features of this particular model are its user-friendliness and safety design. Other important benefits include:

    • Fast throughput speeds and easy to use
    • Easy access to pressure handle and foot pedal
    • Take-up reel makes it easy for one person to operate the entire process
    • Safety functions like an emergency stop and a protection function by laser

    To learn more about Mimaki printers and laminators and General Formulations films and laminates, contact a LexJet Customer Specialist at 800-453-9538 or visit

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    Liliana Wright
    Liliana Wright

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