Get the Most from Your Solvent Printer

    One of the quickest ways to diversify your services as a print shop operator is to add a wide-format solvent printer. With a machine, such as one of the Epson SureColor S-Series printers, you can expand your horizons into everything from long-term outdoor graphics to customized interior décor. Check out how these printers can make an immediate difference in your shop:

    Improve Image Output: After more than a year of testing, our Experience Center techs found that the Epson SureColor S-Series S60600 and S80600 provided extremely consistent print production, including photographic and fine art jobs. “I can attest that this is the best solvent printer technology available with regards to reliability, image durability, image detail/sharpness and color fidelity,” says our tech expert, Michael Clementi. “If you were to tell me five years ago that a solvent print would be approved by photographic/fine art consumers concerned with gamut and image quality and durability, I would have told you that we’d have a long wait to get to that point. We have arrived.”

    Get More Done in Less Time: When the Epson S-Series first launched a few years ago, Epson focused on speed, productivity and consistency. And they’ve delivered. “You can print non-stop, two to three times the speed you would normally print in comparison to prior generations or even other technologies,” Clementi says. “Right now, these are the fastest solvent printers out there.” The speed of the three S-Series machines breaks down like this:

    • SureColor S40600: banner graphics at 215 ft2/hour or adhesive vinyl turnaround at 170 ft2/hour
    • SureColor S60600: banner graphics created at a lightning fast 550 ft2/hour and production banner at 310 ft2/hour
    • SureColor S80600: slightly slower than the S60, but higher-quality print production with photographic image quality and 98.2% Pantone coverage

    Also, you can save production time and promise same-day lamination with the EPSON S-Series printers because there is no need to wait for the inks to outgas, as is typical of most solvent printers.

    Break Into Decor: While print service providers definitely turn to solvent technology for outdoor banners and adhesive vinyl, it’s also an attractive option for décor. Most PVC vinyl wallcoverings on the market are solvent compatible, and the solvent inks do not require an additional top coat, removing a step from the workflow. At LexJet, we carry several options, including Avery Dennison Wall Films, LexJet Premium WallPro™, Solvent Print-N-Stick Fabric and Vescom Digital Wallcovering.

    The Environmental Issue: This isn’t your dad’s solvent technology. Epson’s UltraChrome GS3 ink has a GREENGUARD Gold certification, ensuring that it has met rigorous standards for low-emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. And we offer a multitude of print materials that work seamlessly with this print technology. For our 20 must-have eco-solvent products, check out this blog.


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