The Power of UV Changes Everything

    What Your Business Needs

    From startup sign shops to experienced print service providers, the quest for standout products that expand offerings and meet customer demands, all while reducing costs and production time, is ongoing. The right solution can elevate your business, surpass the competition, and ensure consistent quality for repeat jobs while minimizing production waste.

    Epson, a global leader in large format printing technology with decades of proven excellence, empowers you to visualize your ideas brilliantly and bring your designs to life. Investing in Epson means gaining a partner dedicated to your success, ensuring your business thrives as your printers perform flawlessly.

    Does your business need:

    Increased capability and versatility to handle more projects and seize new opportunities?

    Reliability and responsive support to minimize downtime?                                                    

    Excellent image quality that keeps customers coming back?

    Flexibility to print on rigid substrates with white or varnish ink or multilayer printing?

    Ease of use and minimal operator involvement for shops with limited staffing?

    The Right Solution at Your Fingertips

    The Epson® SureColor® V7000 UV 4’ x 8’ flatbed printer meets all these needs and more. With a 10-ink set including red, gray, white, and varnish, it offers unparalleled color selection, allowing you to produce high-quality output on various substrates like acrylic, metal, wood, and more. Its eight printheads ensure minimal production speed loss when printing two or three layers with white or varnish.


    Competitively priced, the V7000 is a valuable investment for fine art photography, signage, and any printing business poised for growth. Discover the additional features that make it ideal for your printing needs:

    • Low graininess — Epson® printheads feature variable droplet technology for highly accurate prints with low grain.
    • High production speeds — state-of-the-art design delivers outstanding-quality prints at true production speeds, even when using White Ink.
    • Multi-vacuum zones — four print zones easily hold media in place for increased productivity, accuracy, and efficiency; no taping required.
    • Media thickness up to 3.14" — printer automatically detects and adjusts to accommodate media up to 3.14" thick for virtually endless printing possibilities.


    To learn more about the Epson® SureColor® V7000 and how it can change your business, contact a Customer Specialist at 800-453-9538 or visit


    Liliana Wright
    Liliana Wright

    After a career as a wedding photographer and studio owner for over 12 years, Liliana now uses her knowledge and experience in the photography and printing industries to help other business owners reach new markets and overcome challenges with innovative and creative products. She is a maker and crafter by nature and enjoys using her creative skills to teach others to explore their unique talents.


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