Newest Canon iPF Printers Feature Enhanced Media Configuration Tool

    At the WPPI Show in March, Canon introduced three new models of imagePROGRAF printers: the 44-in. imagePROGRAF iPF8300 and the 24-in. imagePROGRAF iPF6350 and IPF6300. More details about the new printers are featured in the Vol. 5, No. 3 issue of LexJet’s In Focus newsletter.

    One of the most exciting features is the enhanced Media Configuration Tool that allows you to store custom profiles and profiles supplied by sellers of third-party media where they can easily be seen by the print driver.

    “Printing on LexJet materials will be a lot more straightforward, because there will be no question about which comparable Canon media setting you should select when it’s time to print,” explains LexJet technical director Adam Hannig. “You will be able to download profiles for LexJet media from our website and upload them into the printer.”

    The LexJet profiles you load into the Media Configuration Tool will not only include color data, but also media-feed adjustments that can ensure that the selected media feeds through the printer at the proper rate.

    “This is particularly important when printing on canvas,” says Hannig, “because if you will be wrapping the print on stretcher bars the dimensions of the final print have to be perfect.”  This new automated capability will save considerable time compared to making the media-feed adjustments manually to ensure that big canvas prints don’t end up being even ¼-in. larger than they should be.

    While Canon does offer an extensive assortment of their own high-quality Canon-branded media, we applaud Canon for recognizing the value of making it easier for you to use whatever type or brand of media you choose, including LexJet’s own Sunset line of photo and art papers for photographic and fine-art printing.

    Many professional photographers who have bought Canon printers from LexJet have learned how to use many different types of print media to create a wide range of products that differentiate themselves from other photographers.  Increasing the range of products you produce with your printer can accelerate how quickly you recoup your investment in the printer.

    If you have any questions—either about the new Canon printers or LexJet’s extensive range of print materials—call a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538. We’ve helped thousands of customers learn how to use wide-format inkjet printers to diversify their businesses, and we can help you too!


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