Prints That Win: Prepare There’s Trouble

Award-winning master photographer Terry Blain was not always telling her story from behind the camera. She spent the past two decades traveling all over the country looking for interesting people to capture; however, in her early days as a model, she was the one who was captured on film. One day, after a particularly uninspired photo shoot, she realized that she would have set up the shots differently, had she been the one taking the pictures.

Utilizing her experiences on both sides of the camera, she has a self-awareness that helps her envision the best way to optimize the lighting, the setting and the model to strike the right tone and properly tell her story. “Putting the models at ease and making them comfortable is the best way for me to get the most flattering shot,” Blain says. “Often, I want to accentuate and flatter the highlights of the scene while downplaying the low-lights. I’m lucky enough to have experiences on both sides of the lens to help me clearly communicate this to my clients.”

Get Recognized, Win Big Prizes in the Sunset Print Awards

Sunset Print Award
Photo by previous Sunset Print Award winner Ann Naugher, M. Photog., CPP, at the 2012 Southeast PPA District competition.


Sponsored by LexJet, the annual Sunset Print Awards are again being presented at select PPA events and other regional and state competitions. Sunset Print Award winners receive a crystal Sunset Print Award trophy, a lapel pin, a $250 gift certificate for Sunset inkjet media and entry in the year-end national Sunset Print Award competition.

Sunset Print Award winners at each competition receive an additional prize, an iPad Mini, if the winning image is printed on Sunset inkjet media, though entries do not need to be printed on Sunset media to qualify.

Each winner in the regional and local competitions is automatically entered to win the Grand Prize in the national Sunset Print Award competition. And, in order to be entered in the national competition you must enter and win a Sunset Print Award at one of the competitions. Click here for a list of upcoming competitions.

The Grand Prize winner receives airfare for two to Sarasota, Fla., with lodging at Lido Beach resort for three days and two nights, a $500 Visa gift card and national recognition. Second and third place winners receive a $500 and $300 Visa gift card respectively.

“The Sunset Print Award has become the coveted award in the photography market, and from my perspective as a board member of the Professional Photographers of Michigan we couldn’t be more appreciative of the award,” says Tina Timmons, owner of The Portrait Gallery in Vassar, Mich., a previous Sunset Award Winner who also prints for other photographers for competition. “And, when we print for competition we prefer Sunset inkjet media over any other paper.”

To find out more about the Sunset Print Award and upcoming competitions, as well as a gallery of previous winner and information on Sunset inkjet media, go to, or contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.