HP Light Fabric for the Win


If you’ve been following your favorite college basketball team during the NCAA Tournament for the past week, you have most likely felt the glory of winning, or the frustration of defeat. Hands down, winning is just so much better. Wouldn’t it be great to always feel that way?

G313404072004_JPGHighresTo win in the large-format printing industry, the key is to be able to offer a variety of media for a multitude of applications. In today’s market, it’s important to have a display or banner material that performs like a real MVP. HP Light Fabric has all the aspects you need to become a part of the championship team. This lightweight, knitted polyester fabric pops with bright, vibrant colors. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC, and it has a winning price point, too.

G8263003012008_JPGHighresHP Light Fabric has a variety of uses, like displays, banners, event signage, retail POP and more, and it’s easy to use. HP Light Fabric’s excellent ink saturation produces brilliant prints that resists creases and wrinkles. It’s a perfect direct-print trade-off to dye-sublimation and fabric printing, and it’s compatible with HP Latex inks. It also has an approved fire certification.

To get on the winning team for banners and displays, call a LexJet print specialist a call at 800-453-9538 to learn more about HP Light Fabric and more.

No Bull: Big Sale on Select LexJet Inkjet Films Ends Tomorrow

LexJet Inkjet Films SaleLexJet’s no-bull, no-fine-print sales on select inkjet display and backlit films ends tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4.

Be sure to pull the lever in the next 24 hours or so you get the best possible price on the following products:

To take advantage of these savings before they end tomorrow, give a LexJet printing specialist a call at 800-453-9538. You can also order these products at the sale price online; just click on the product links above.

The next big sale of The 5 starts on Wednesday, so check back here or at www.lexjet.com to find out what’s coming up next on November 5.

Life Size Woodland Trail Printed on Canvas

Blueprint SolutionsOne of the great things about large format inkjet printing is the ability to immerse someone in an environment, which is exactly what Blueprint Solutions recently did with a life-size reproduction on canvas of a woodland trail near Fond du Lac, Wis.

“The customer is using it as a wall mural. It’s a photo of a trail near his home, which he wanted life size so it seems that you can walk right into it, and it fits nicely on his wall from floor to ceiling,” says Scott Draves, owner of Blueprint Solutions in Fond du Lac. “He told me that if anyone was interested in getting a canvas that large he would allow them to come into their house and look at the finished product. It was pretty incredible that he offered to do that.”

Blueprint Solutions, as the name of the company implies, specializes in document reproduction, from small to large format, primarily for the construction industry. Over the past few years, however, the company has diversified its large format products and services, including canvas printing.

For this project, Blueprint Solutions used Sunset Select Matte Canvas printed in one piece at 60″ x 84″ on the company’s Canon iPF9000S 60″ inkjet printer. Finishing what Draves says is their largest stretched canvas piece to date was a challenge.

“The initial issue was getting all the pieces together, and that’s where Erin [Krcmar, Blueprint Solutions’ personal customer specialist] was the biggest help: making sure we got what we needed with the bracing and at the right sizes we needed,” explains Draves. “We used the Sunset Pro Stretcher Bars that are 1 1/2″ deep. I really like the Sunset Stretcher Bars; they’re very easy to work with. On smaller pieces I can put a canvas wrap together in less than half an hour, but this particular piece took me a couple of hours to assemble. We took it slowly because it was so large, the print was flawless and we didn’t want to have to re-do it.”

Draves turned a pool table in the company’s back office into a production table to accommodate the extra-large print on which it was wrapped and coated. Draves used two coats of ClearStar ClearShield Type C to finish the print for delivery to the customer.

“It worked out really slick. Everything is nice and smooth and flat and it came together perfectly,” adds Draves.

LexJet Opens Distribution Centers in Canada

LexJet in CanadaCanadian print shops, service bureaus, photo labs, fine art reproduction companies, photographers and other imaging professionals can now get high-quality LexJet products directly, more quickly and without customs or duty fees from LexJet’s new distribution centers in Calgary and Toronto.

“We can always count on LexJet, and we’re quite happy with the products,” says Terry Hui of Canadian Art Prints, Richmond, BC, Canada. “Deliveries are always on time, and having distribution centers in Canada should speed things up even more. The flat shipping rate of under $30 is a real bonus.”

For product shipments from Calgary and Toronto, LexJet will do business with Canadian customers in Canadian dollars. LexJet has also assigned customer specialists specifically to address the needs of Canadian customers, including one fluent in French for those in Quebec.

“The addition of the two new distribution centers gives our Canadian customers the ability to reduce inventory with Just In Time delivery, reduce their costs and expand their product offerings,” says Jaimie Mask, LexJet product manager. “Ultimately, it’s about helping Canadian print shops streamline their operations and grow their business and profits.”

For more information about the new distribution centers and which products are available, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Class, Warmth and Charm at Clark Marten’s New Downtown Studio and Gallery

Clark Marten Photography Gallery
Room with a View: Clark Marten Photography’s new space in downtown Billings, Mont., is dressed to the nines with large-format prints of Clark Marten’s stunning landscape and portrait photography.


Clark Marten Photography has a sterling reputation far and wide. It’s a reputation built on an uncommon combination of qualities – professionalism, creating value for clients, natural talent and humility – all fostered and perfected by owners Clark, Rachel and Rudi Marten.

Clark Marten Photography Gallery
Clark Marten Photography’s new space in downtown Billings has plenty of windows in which to display Marten’s photography.

The family built a photography business from scratch that now reigns as one of the top photography studios in the U.S. The secret to Clark Marten Photography’s success is perhaps best illustrated by the studio’s new home in the art district of downtown Billings, Mont.

Like all things Clark Marten Photography, the new location – which they moved into about three months ago from their previous location in Columbus, Mont. – personifies the high standards they have set for themselves.

Clark Marten Photography
The new gallery space has a lot of room for entertaining and charity events.

“We’ve spent about five months remodeling the space, which is in a 100-year-old historic building in the downtown art district. It’s been a long journey, but it will pay for itself,” says Marten. “We’re in the Mecca of our area in the art world. There’s a big new parking garage going in close by, plus there are six microbreweries, a distillery and a lot of restaurants in the area.”

Real estate might well be all about the proverbial location, location, location, and that was a big part of the move. However, real estate is also about creating a space that’s warm and inviting. That was important to the Martens since they believe in taking an active role in their community.

Clark Marten Photography Gallery Billings“The key for us is that we enjoy entertaining. We put on charity events at our studio, and we wanted enough space to seat at least 60 people. We’re hosting an event in three weeks where we can serve a five-course meal with a wine serving, and raise money for charity,” says Clark. “There’s also an art walk downtown coming up, and I’m told that 500 people might walk through, so we’re serving hors d’oeuvres and wines. We plan to make a good first impression.”

And what an impression it will be (and is). Click on the photos for a larger view of Clark Marten Photography’s new digs and the attention to detail and design becomes apparent. Another important aspect of the space was the ability to showcase Marten’s photography in large-format, a presentation that is an extremely effective sales tool.

Clark Marten Photography
If you look through the stairs you can get a glimpse of where the magic happens at Clark Marten Photography (click on the image for a larger version).

“I have some prints that are eight feet long and about six prints that are five feet long. Some of the homes we work with can easily display those sizes, so part of our criteria for a new location was plenty of wall and window space,” says Clark. “We have close to 100 feet of window space that we can fill with prints, and that’s a great look right off the bat. Being able to display our work at that size does its own job of selling.”

Most of the work, says Clark, is printed on either LexJet Sunset Photo eSatin Paper or LexJet Instant Dry Satin Canvas. And, as you can see from the photos, the images are masterfully captured, printed and framed, or stretched, on canvas.

When we originally profiled Clark Marten Photography in 2007, Clark commented: “My job isn’t to take photographs; it is to help people see their own beauty. I learned early on that what I do can have an impact on someone for the rest of their life.”

This simple philosophy has translated into a steadily growing business that now employs 11 people in the new downtown location. It also helps explain the criteria that went into the remodeling of the new building: the Martens were able to draw out the beauty of the building and put their personal touch on it, not only for a dynamic sales presentation, but a presentation that makes those who visit feel right at home.

Practical and Promotional Window Graphics

Window Graphics by Spectra Imaging on LexJet Vinyl

It’s always nice when you can kill two proverbial birds with one proverbial stone. In the case pictured here, the stone used was LexJet Simple Adhesive Vinyl SUV – Gloss, and it was thrown, so to speak, by Spectra Imaging, Louisville, Ky.

The practical issue Spectra Imaging set to solve for this Kroger wine and spirits store was to hide the wine racks that sit across the windows. It’s just not a particularly pleasing presentation.

Applying Vinyl Window GraphicsBrian Rogers, owner of Spectra Imaging, says when the stores first started opening a few years ago the windows were covered in black window tint to hide the racks. The problem with that was that it appeared the store was closed, at least to the casual passerby.

Spectra Imaging did a test project in Lexington shortly thereafter, and it solved all the problems: it hid the racks and brought more business in the doors. “The first week after we put the graphics up in Lexington my contact there said sales went up about 37 percent. We’ve produced several window graphics for them since then.”

This is the latest version, found in La Grange, Ky. Rogers said he chose to use an opaque vinyl, rather than perforated window vinyl since you can still see the racks at night with the lights from the store backlighting them.

“This store was brand new and the windows weren’t tinted, so all you saw were the back of the racks. To get the project started I took a picture of the windows, came back into Photoshop, dropped the images into the windows and emailed it to them,” explains Rogers. “If they want to make changes I can do that in Photoshop quickly. Then, when they sign off on the design, we lay out the panels, print them and laminate them. It took us about six and a half hours to apply the panels.”