Create a Temporary Whiteboard Wall for Remote Teaching & Meetings

Have you been looking for ways to help customers who are teaching lessons or delivering presentations from a remote location? A temporary whiteboard wall could offer an easy solution for business meetings, teaching sessions or in hospitals, restaurants and other essential businesses using LexJet Simple CarpetAd laminated with General Formulations Concept 110 EraseMark Pro.

Simple CarpetAd is an opaque white vinyl with a removable adhesive that is perfect for temporary signage, or in this case, a whiteboard. It is compatible with solvent and latex printers, so you can print a grid, logo or any other customized features.

The Concept 110, a clear dry-erase laminate, is a scratch- and abrasion-resistant polyester film with a clear permeant adhesive, which will provide crisp, clean writing surface while protecting the vinyl.

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