LexJet Support Helps digitalMomentum Leverage Revolutionary Latex-Ink Printer

As owner of Florida print provider digitalMomentum, Marc Sitkin had successfully negotiated the changes wrought by digital technology in the ‘90s and built a successful wide-format shop that thrived in the 21st century. With roots in a 1980s Hartford, CT photo lab, Sitkin evolved the wide-format part of the business into digitalMomentum in 1999.  In 2001 he moved it to South Florida. digitalMomentum grew to become a major producer of trade-show graphics, POP displays, giclée prints, and vehicle graphics.

However in 2010, with the Florida economy in a challenging state and his Mimaki printer on its last legs, Sitkin was looking for a game changing print technology to provide a competitive edge in tough times. After researching HP’s new Designjet L25500 latex printer and seeing it at the ISA Sign Expo, Sitkin felt confident enough to make the move. Now, with several months under his belt, he credits the new printer for improving his production efficiency and jump starting the company’s competitive edge. In many cases, the new printer has provided the means for attracting new business that would not have been possible without it.

Photography Pro Kent Foster Converts Images into Permanent Wallcoverings

Photo courtesy of Kent Foster at Fostergraphs.com

When visitors enter the production room at Fostergraphs in Decorah, Iowa, they get the distinct impression that they aren’t in Iowa anymore. The overall effect is “Wow!”

That’s because company owner/professional photographer Kent Foster has converted two images he originally shot for stock photography into visually dramatic wallcoverings. He printed the wallcoverings himself using LexJet’s new inkjet-printable WallPro SUV wallcovering material on his 64-in. Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 low-solvent printer.

Foster plans to use his imaging expertise and 64-in. printing equipment to help other photographers and artists convert their images into new types of products, such as murals and wallcoverings.  For commercial and residential customers, he is offering a concept-to-completion service in which he will shoot whatever image a client might envision. Then, to ensure the utmost quality of the photo mural, Foster will oversee all of the image processing, printing, and installation.