Enhancing Customer Service by Maximizing Computer System Uptime

LexJet was recently recognized by Copia International for a perfect record of continuously running the CopiaFacts system for 398 days straight and counting without any interruption in service.

Mainting reliable computer systems
Pete Petersen, LexJet CIO

LexJet’s CopiaFacts system sends incoming faxes directly to each employee’s email as a PDF. This eliminates the need for fax machines, cuts down on paper waste and allows quicker response times to incoming fax requests.

More importantly, it speaks to the strength of LexJet’s systems and their reliability, which are meticulously maintained by a team of IT specialists led by LexJet CIO Pete Petersen.

“Ensuring maximum system uptime is an important part of our overarching goal to deliver the best customer experience in the industry. Whichever method customers want to communicate with us for help or to order products, we’re going to support it and make sure it’s absolutely reliable,” says Petersen. “We maintain a high reliability level for our critical services – like email, fax and website – to ensure customers can conduct business without having any delay in their service.”

Petersen says the key to doing that is using trusted software and hardware providers and choosing the right solutions based on customer needs. “We don’t mix and match all of our systems based on the least expensive solution available. We find the best solution that makes things easiest for our customers.”

Petersen adds that even if a system is 99.9 percent reliable, over the course of 365 days that still means eight hours of downtime during the year. That’s why LexJet’s IT department strives for 100 percent reliability year in and year out. “When someone uses LexJet’s services, they’re going to work,” he says.

Tips to Increase Uptime on Your Printer

To increase uptime on your printer it can be helpful to minimize service issues. Here are some important steps you should take that will save you time, hassles, and money down the road:

  1. Have the warranty hotline number and the printer’s serial number accessible: Keep these numbers where they can be easily found.  Write down all details, including the name of the person who helped you.  Document, document, document.
  2. Do I have a manufacturer’s warranty or is my existing warranty through a third party? Surprisingly, you’re likely to get on-site service more quickly through a third party.
  3. How old is my printer, and is it still under warranty? The age of your printer will influence your decision to fix or replace.  If you’ve let your warranty lapse, you may want to spend a little extra on a new piece of technology instead of paying for parts and labor from a service technician.
  4. Are we able to trade in our printer or get a free one somehow? During the course of the year printer manufacturers run regular promotions that give you cash back when you trade in your old printer for a newer model. LexJet is an excellent one-stop source for this information.

These are great alternatives that can help subsidize the cost, keep cash flows in line, and are viable options should your printer suddenly stop working.