Quick Tip: How Much is Left on a Roll?

There is a relatively simple calculation you can use to determine how much is left on a roll of inkjet printable media, based on the diameter of the roll. Here’s how to determine the amount of material left on a roll, give or take an inch or two:

Roll length in feet = (0.06545/media thickness in inches) x (outer diameter squared – inner diameter squared)

All measurements are in inches, by the way.

For example, the outer diameter of the roll (core included) is 4 inches, the inner roll diameter is 3 inches, and the material thickness is .013 inches. There are 1,000 mils per inch, so the material in this example is 13 mils, or .013 inches thick. A 7-mil material would be .007 inches thick (7/1000):

(.06545/.013) x (42 – 32)

5.03 x (16-9)

5.03 x 7 = 35.24

Roll length remaining = 35.24 ft.

A Better Way to Produce Cooler/Shelf Tags

CoolerTags.com provides and automated and consistent system for printing out cooler and shelf tags.

The cooler tag is the beverage industry’s dirty little secret. It is often inconsistent with the overall marketing image that has brought the consumer to the precipice of a buying decision at the point of sale. The challenge for most distributors is that producing these colorful shelf strips is typically very time consuming and difficult to set up.

CoolerTags.com, an intuitive and easy-to-use Web-based software, allows distributors to print retail shelf price tags in-house on custom designed tag stock quickly, efficiently and consistently. Simply load the product information, package information and upload the appropriate logos.

The information created is stored on a secure server and is used to generate the final Cooler Tag sheet. Click save and move on to the next product, continuing until all of the tags for that store are completed. The initial setup typically takes less than an hour, depending on the number of items to be loaded. After setup, you’re ready to create Cooler Tag sheets for each store on a laser printer.

Many distributors have shifted the responsibility of managing and producing shelf tags from the print shop to their sales reps. With the ability to save templates, the user loads the initial information needed for each account and can upload to reprint or to make changes or additions.

CoolerTags.com User Tip: For those of you already using the software, here’s a nice time-saving tip… When a user is making tags for a certain brand and will need several different package types for the same brand, use the Persist function (circled in red in the accompanying screen capture).

When you select the Persist box you will only need to choose the product once. CoolerTags.com will automatically choose that product for the next item so you’ll only need to select the desired package and price and then save.

This is a real time-saver for large projects. For example, let’s say you’re making cooler tags for Miller Lite and you need: 6 Pack Cans, 12 Pack Cans, 24 Pack Cans and 36 Pack Cans. You only have to choose the product (Miller Lite) once with the Persist box checked to apply it to all of different packs instead of applying the logo separately for each one.

Use the Persist function to label a variety of different packaging options with one brand.

For more information about integrating CoolerTags.com into your workflow, contact a LexJet account specialist.