How to Apply a Print to a Substrate by Hand

How to mount a graphic to a substrateIt can be difficult to evenly apply a print to a substrate by hand. Oftentimes, lines and bubbles can result from the uneven pressure used when applying the graphic.

Simple application tools from companies like Big Squeegee can be used to effortlessly mount a printed graphic to a substrate. In conjunction with tools like these, it is recommended to print your graphic about one inch wider and longer than the size of the substrate to allow for some leeway during application. Simply trim off the excess material after applying the print.

In the video embedded below you will learn how to apply a graphic to a substrate using the Big Squeegee Rivet/Dent Tool…

Easy Photo Application on Boards with New Adhesive Backed Photo Paper

With LexJet’s new Production Satin Photo PSA you can eliminate steps, and save time, materials and money. Rather than apply a mounting adhesive to the back of the paper, apply LexJet Production Satin Photo PSA directly to the board with an adhesive on the back of the paper that will stick to different substrates, like PVC, foam boards and aluminum.

“It’s the best material for photographic applications to board,” says Eli Weingarten, Presentation Graphics, Brooklyn, N.Y. “We’ve always had a hard time with adhesive-backed materials that curl, but this paper applies easily, it has a great finish and our customers like it. It’s an excellent paper.”

Compatible with aqueous inkjet printer and formulated to take advantage of the wide color gamut provided by the latest generation of Canon, Epson and HP printers, LexJet Production Satin Photo PSA is a resin-coated archival paper that ensures longer lasting images that won’t yellow over time. It’s engineered to dry instantly with both dye and pigmented aqueous ink and can be laminated with either thermal or cold laminates.