How to use ICC Profiles and Color Management in ImagePrint

How to use ImagePrint Profile ManagerOne of the greatest things about ImagePrint is that it provides over 27,000 ICC profiles for use with the RIP software. They are broken down by printer, ink set and paper manufacturer. There are five color profiles available for each media. These profiles are specific to the lighting condition in which the print will be viewed. This helps to further reduce the metamerism or color shift that might occur in certain display conditions. A single grayscale profile is also provided for black and white images.

Make sure to check out the previous ImagePrint post, which detailed the ImagePrint workflow in three videos: Basic workflow, printing borderless and using the Step & Repeat tool.

In the first video below you will learn how to use the Profile Manager to download ICC profiles for use with ImagePrint.

The second video will teach you how to set up the Output and Input tabs found in the Color Management section of ImagePrint.

Three How-To Videos for the Price of One: Using the ImagePrint RIP

ImagePrint is the most popular RIP software on the market for professional photographers and fine art reproduction companies. Primarily compatible with Epson printers, ImagePrint optimizes How to use Step & Repeat in ImagePrintthe output from the printer while helping with a number of workflow concerns, including:

  • ICC profiles
  • Laying multiple images out on a single page
  • Printing multiple copies of the same image
  • Borderless printing
  • Tiling images
  • Package printing

In the first video below you will learn the basic workflow for printing through ImagePrint. The second video will teach you how to print borderless images, and the third video will teach you how to use the Step & Repeat tool for printing multiple copies of the same image.