Popular LexJet WallPro SUV Wallcoverings Updated

LexJet WallPro SUV by York
Change an environment to anything your customer wants with high-quality wall decor printed on LexJet WallPro SUV by York. Photo courtesy Fostergraphs, Decorah, Iowa

LexJet has partnered with York Wallcoverings to update its line of inkjet-printable wallpaper compatible with solvent, low-solvent, latex and UV-curable inks. LexJet Velvet WallPro SUV by York, LexJet Pebble WallPro SUV by York and LexJet Canvas WallPro SUV by York are now available in both 15 oz. and 20 oz. weights.

Applied with wallpaper paste, LexJet WallPro SUV by York is a high-quality, permanent wall mural solution for a range of environments, including homes, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, schools, retail stores, museums, restaurants, hotels and resorts, sports and entertainment venues and more.

“LexJet WallPro printed great; it looked like it did on the monitor to the printer,” says Chris Knight, owner of Deck the Walls, Joplin, Mo., regarding a project the company did for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition using LexJet Velvet WallPro SUV.

LexJet Velvet WallPro SUV by York comes in three subtle textures: Velvet, Canvas and Pebble. Velvet has a smooth, lightly textured surface perfect for high-resolution images and photos. Pebble is best for those who desire a more visible texture behind the image. Canvas has the texture of finely woven canvas for a more fine-art look.

“As the oldest and largest wallcovering manufacturer in North America, York understands substrates from a printer’s perspective. And more importantly, we know what works best on walls,” said Tim Quinn, York Wallcoverings Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “York is proud to partner with LexJet in offering six superior-quality LexJet WallPro items.”

LexJet WallPro SUV by York wallcovering substrates also meet Class A fire-rating standards and EPA requirements for low-VOC emitting products.

The 15 oz. and 20 oz. versions of each are available in 54″ x 20′, 54″ x 75′ and 54″ x 150′ rolls from LexJet’s Nationwide Distribution Center Network.

For more information about LexJet WallPro SUV by York, call a LexJet printing specialist at 800-453-9538.

Long List of Money Saving Inkjet Printer Rebates from Epson in February

Epson Inkjet Printer RebatesEpson has updated the rebates on its line of wide-format inkjet printers. The latest rebates from Epson are good through Feb. 28. Here are the rebate details, grouped by printer type (Stylus Pro aqueous, SureColor low solvent and Technical printers)…

Epson Stylus Pro Mail-In Rebates

Epson Stylus Pro Instant Rebates

Epson SureLab D-Series Mail-in Rebate: $2,000

Epson SureColor Instant Rebates

Epson SureColor T-Series Instant Rebates

For more information about the latest rebates, contact a LexJet customer specialist, who can also tell you about special bundle deals, at 800-453-9538.

And, to learn more about how to set up and operate Epson printers, go to the Epson Printers and Workflow playlist at LexJet’s YouTube Channel.

Custom Leather Book Cover Demos at Print 13 in Chicago

LexJet and FastbindUSA will unveil a new print process for creating full-color, photographic images on leather book and album covers at Print 13 in Chicago, Sept. 8-12, in Booth 2684.

CoverFilm from FastbindUSAThe new print process is based on the proprietary Avatrex coating technology from LexJet, which can be created with wide-format aqueous, solvent and latex printers, as well as HP Indigo presses.

FastbindUSA has designed a process using its case-making system and Avatrex technology, called CoverFilm, that allows a full-color image to be transported onto and conformed to virtually any surface or substrate. In this case, the CoverFilm method produces a custom print that retains all of the qualities of the leather – the look (or “hand”), feel and smell – since the process essentially fuses the artwork into the leather.

“CoverFilm encapsulates the ink between the substrate surface and the outer layer, protecting the ink and substrate from the elements without the need to add an additional layer of lamination,” explains Kent Dalzell of FastbindUSA. “The result is a custom print that keeps the original surface texture, but is durable enough to make photo book or photo album hard case covers.”

Avatrex technology, a winner of the Print Industries of America Intertech Technology Award in 2012, was developed combining a proprietary nano-chemistry with a proprietary coating technology called the Synergistic Layering Process.  This chemistry and process allow Avatrex to operate as a printable media and laminate, as well as an adhesive in specific applications, all in one material.

Avatrex technology has also been certified and awarded a 3 Star rating by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) for use with HP 4000 and 6000 series Indigo presses and the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press’ One-Shot process.

The technology will be demonstrated at the FastbindUSA booth using an HP Z3200 aqueous wide-format printer. Samples created with other print technologies, including HP Latex and HP Indigo, will also be featured in the booth.

Print 13 attendees who visit the FastbindUSA booth can also take advantage of show-only specials and promotions. For more information about Avatrex technology, go to www.avatrex.com, or contact LexJet at 800-453-9538.

Fredrix Print Canvas at LexJet: Buy Two Rolls, Get One Free

Buy Two Rolls of Fredrix Print Canvas at LexJet and Get One Roll FrreeAs noted here earlier on the LexJet Blog, LexJet is now the exclusive distributor of Tara Materials’ venerable Fredrix Print Canvas line. To celebrate this partnership, get a free roll of Fredrix Print Canvas when you buy two rolls with your first order from LexJet. To take advantage of this offer, call a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538. The offer ends April 30 and is not available online.

The Fredrix Print Canvas line now available exclusively at LexJet includes…

Compatible with Aqueous Printers

  • Fredrix 901WR Pulse Matte Canvas is a 19-mil, neutral-white, poly/cotton canvas with a 2-over-1 weave. This water-resistant canvas is the perfect choice for artistic reproductions that require the look of a traditional artist canvas.
  • Fredrix 901VWR Crystal Matte Canvas is a 19-mil, bright-white, poly/cotton canvas with a 2-over-1 weave that renders an expansive color gamut and incredible Dmax. This matte canvas is the perfect choice for fine art or decorative gallery wraps that require a smooth yet subtle texture.
  • Fredrix 777VWR Vivid Matte Canvas is an 18-mil, bright-white, poly/cotton canvas with a 2-over-1 weave. This water-resistant canvas is the smoothest of the Fredrix aqueous canvas line, making it the perfect choice for highly detailed, photographic, decorative gallery wraps on canvas.

Compatible with Solvent, Low-Solvent, Latex and UV-Curable Printers

  • Fredrix 575SMJ Tempo Semi-Matte Canvas is a lightweight, poly/cotton blend canvas with a 1-over-1 weave and a semi-matte finish. It is perfect for high-value products created in high production environments, and is well-suited for gallery wraps, décor, point-of-purchase, and more.
  • Fredrix 901SJ Select Matte Canvas is a high-performing, natural white, 2-over-1 poly/cotton blend canvas that is the perfect medium for artistic reproductions. The matte finish very closely emulates true artist canvas, and is perfect for gallery-wraps, art reproductions, décor, and point-of-purchase displays.
  • Fredrix 901SGSJ Artisan Semi-Gloss Canvas is the perfect choice for a high-quality, high-value semi-gloss canvas.  This poly/cotton blend, 2-over-1 canvas is specially engineered to create beautiful prints with the latest solvent, eco-solvent, and latex inks, providing a wide color gamut, exceptional Dmax, and a consistent, subtle texture.

For more information, and for help finding the right inkjet media for your project, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538 or go to www.lexjet.com/fredrix. Be sure to ask about the Buy Two Get One Free Fredrix Print Canvas promotion, which ends April 30.

New Year’s Inkjet Printer Rebates from Epson

Low solvent inkjet printerTo help ring in the New Year, Epson just announced its latest round of mail-in and instant rebates available through LexJet. The mail-in rebates listed below are good through Jan. 31 and the instant rebates are good through Feb. 28…

Mail-In Rebates
$100 for the Stylus Pro 4900 w/ UltraChrome HDR Ink
$250 for the Stylus Pro 3880 w/ UltraChome K3 Ink, Stylus Pro 3880 Signature Worthy Edition and Stylus Pro 3880 Designer Edition
for the Stylus Pro 4900 Designer Edition

Instant Rebates
$500 for the Stylus Pro 7890 w/ UltraChrome K3 Ink
$750 for the Stylus Pro 7900 w/ UltraChrome HDR Ink, Stylus Pro 9890 w/ UltraChrome K3 Ink,  and Stylus Pro 9890 Designer Edition printers
$1,000 for the Stylus Pro 9900 w/ UltraChrome HDR Ink and the SureColor S30670 low-solvent 64″ printer
$2,000 for the Stylus Pro 11880 w/ UltraChrome K3 Ink

For more information about these rebates and to find out about bundle deals from LexJet, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

End of Year Rebates from Canon, Epson, HP

Inkjet printer promotions and rebates
Donald Stocks of PIP Printing in Greenville, N.C., took advantage of the combination of rebates and the LexJet iPad Mini promotion. He's up and running with his new Canon iPF8300S, shown here printing on LexJet 8 Mil Production Satin Photo Paper. Stocks said, "The pricing was great and the iPad Mini was icing on the cake."

Just in time for Christmas, following are a variety of rebates and promotions from Canon, Epson and HP, most of which end on Dec. 31.

Speaking of Dec. 31, don’t forget to take advantage of LexJet’s free iPad Mini promotion: Buy a 42″ or wider printer and/or laminator, plus $500 in inkjet media or laminates, and you get a free iPad Mini. To top it all off, you don’t pay anything until Jan. 31.

As Gary Kingsbury, owner of The UPS Store in Homestead, Fla., put it: “I’m very pleased with the deal, especially since a starter set of ink is included; that’s not an insignificant value in and of itself. My net cost on the printer is quite low when you consider everything you get with it.

From now until Dec. 15 you can take advantage of mail-in and trade-in rebates, which can be combined:

  • iPF6400: $300 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 17″ or wider printer), plus a $300 mail-in rebate
  • iPF6450: $500 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 17″ or wider printer), plus a $350 mail-in rebate
  • iPF8400: $800 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 36″ or wider printer), plus a $1,000 mail-in rebate
  • iPF8400: $400 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 17″ or wider professional printer), plus a $1,000 mail-in rebate
  • iPF9400: $1,000 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 36″ or wider printer), plus a $1,500 mail-in rebate
  • iPF9400: $500 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 17″ or wider professional printer), plus a $1,000 mail-in rebate
  • iPF9400S: $1,000 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 36″ or wider printer)
  • iPF9400S: $500 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 17″ or wider professional printer), plus a $1,000 mail-in rebate

And, while supplies last, there are also ongoing trade-in and mail-in rebates on Canon’s other printers:  $300 on the iPF6300, iPF6350, and iPF8300S; $880 on the iPF8300; and $1,200 on the iPF9000S and iPF9100. For trade-in eligibility you must have a 17” or wider printer for the 24” Canon printers, or a 36” or wider printer for the 44” or 60” Canon machines.

Mail-in rebates include $350 for the Canon iPF5100, $500 for the iPF6300, $1,000 for the iPF6350, $1,000 for the iPF8300 and $3,200 for the iPF9100. The trade-in and mail-in rebates on these printers can be combined where applicable.

For complete rebate terms, go to www.usa.canon.com/rebates and pick up a claim form online at acbpromotions.com/imageprografrebate.

Epson’s December mail-in rebates for its line of 17″ printers include:

This month’s instant rebates include:

And, you get a 30% Money-Back Mail-in Rebate for qualifying EPSON Signature Worthy Cut Sheets through Nov. 30. Eligible products include 8.5″ x 11″ and 13″ x 19′ cut sheets of EPSON Cold Press (Bright White and Natural), Exhibition Fiber, Epson Hot Press (Natural and Bright White) and the Signature Worthy Sample Pack.

Trade in your 42″ or wider aqueous or 30″ or wider solvent printer/printer-cutter and get $3,000 cash back when you buy an HP Designjet L26500 61-inch latex printer.

And, you can trade in your large-format aqueous or solvent printer/printer-cutter (54″ or wider) and get $10,000 cash back, or trade in a 42″-53″ aqueous or 30″-53″ solvent printer/printer-cutter wider and get $6,000 cash back when you purchase an HP Designjet L28500 104-inch latex printer.

These Upgrade to Latex Winter 2012 promotional deals are good through Dec. 31 and claims must be submitted by Jan. 31, 2013.

Plus, with the HP StartRight Program, receive up to $300 in free HP large-format media with the purchase of select HP Designjet printers. Go to www.hp.com/go/HPStartRightPromo for more information.

For complete promotion details and a claim form for the HP Upgrade to Latex Winter 2012 promotion, click here.

For more information about the printers, to take advantage of these rebates as well as fantastic bundle deals from LexJet, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538. And, to download rebate forms, go to www.lexjet.com/rebates.aspx.