How to Speed Up Turnaround Times for Small-Format POS Signs

Do you have questions related to the production of POS signage? LexJet has the answers! For example, many LexJet customers are beverage wholesalers who want tips on the most efficient way to produce small-format point-of-sale signs for their customers.

Q:  Is there a better way to speed up turnaround times for small-format signs such as table tents, cooler stickers and case cards?A: Many distributors have found that installing a super-fast and easy-to-use OKI digital color printer in the sales department makes a huge difference.

United Distributors in Atlanta needed a boost with small-format point-of-sale signage to provide that additional edge in the market. Turnaround times for case cards, table tents and other similar signage was running up to two weeks.

The answer was an OKI Color Signage Printer installed in the sales department. Tim Heminger, territory manager for United Distributors C-store division, says the installation was plug-and-play, it didn’t require new and expensive software or too much special training.

“A lot of the distributors believe you have to buy an expensive program and train on that software. Microsoft Office comes with Microsoft Publisher, and it works wonderfully with these printers. We’re able to set up some different-sized papers, grab a jpeg image, pop into Publisher and print it,” says Heminger.

Still, after about a month, Heminger realized that they needed an additional printer. The first printer was so convenient and easy to use that demand was quickly outstripping supply. So, the call was placed to LexJet for a new one, meeting United’s demand for a fast and easy solution to its small-format sign needs.