Extreme Snow Sledding on Sunset Select Gloss Canvas

Sledding downhill on inkjet canvasDo not try this at home, or in your studio. Now that we’ve got that disclaimer out of the way we can share an unusual thrill seeking ride that Jimmy Coray of Kimo’s Kamera took from the top of Mount Nebo’s south summit (11,877 feet, the highest in the Wasatch Range) 900 feet down at a 70 percent grade.

Kimo’s Kamera is a photography studio and photo lab located in Nephi, Utah, just a few miles from Mount Nebo. Coray makes the trek up to the summit every winter as well as a few times in the summer. This time around Coray sewed together a few pieces of LexJet Sunset Select Gloss Canvas to make an eight-foot long sled for the adrenalin rush immortalized on video (click here to see the video on the Kimo’s Kamera Facebook page).

Using inkjet canvas as a snow sled
Jimmy Coray prepares his Sunset Select Gloss Canvas "sled" for a 900-foot ride down 11,877-foot Mount Nebo in Utah's Wasatch Mountains.

“We had some extra canvas we printed that we didn’t get the color quite right, so I sewed them together and thought I’d give it a try,” says Coray. “The canvas didn’t rip or tear so I’d say that’s pretty good, plus it was fun.”

When Coray isn’t sledding on the canvas, he’s printing it for family photos and special projects.

“We love the gloss canvas; it has a great look to it. It’s been over the past year that we’ve really pushed the canvas and that’s been going very well for us,” says Coray.

A non-sledding split-image gallery wrap on Sunset Select Gloss Canvas by Kimo's Kamera.

Coray’s next experiment with LexJet media will be a mountain bike made out of Sunset Photo Metallic Paper. Just kidding, but then again, you never know…

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