Quick-change Retail Graphics? You’ve Got Options

Retail promotions can change in the blink of an eye, which means you need a quick turnaround for replacement graphics that make an impression. Since the graphics could be applied by anybody from the summer intern to a pro installer, it’s important that the products are easy to handle and properly protected.

Check out some of these proven applications that offer alternatives for displaying retail images, especially when the project requires speed, protection, easy removal and, of course, high quality:

Clearly, There Are Alternate Ways to Display Images: If you have been looking for new ways to display your graphics, why not turn your posters into instant window graphics? With LexJet CrystalClear-X Removable Adhesive, you can front-mount graphics with bubble-free ease. If your plans change within the first 12 hours of application, you can reposition the graphics up to 10 times. There is no residue left behind, making removal a breeze. LexJet CrystalClear-X Removable Adhesive can be used with images you are already creating on aqueous, latex, solvent or eco-solvent printers.

Elevating the Special Event Experience with Elevator Graphics

Elevator Graphics by Presentation Graphics

Brooklyn-based Presentation Graphics‘ reputation for quality work precedes it. The large-format boutique prints for a range of applications and venues, and is well known for its museum-quality special event and exhibit imaging.

That’s why the Museum of Jewish Heritage in lower Manhattan recommended Presentation Graphics to someone who was renting the museum for a party and wanted their logos on the three sets of elevator doors.

Presentation Graphics made a relatively simple job even easier, choosing LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric for the six banks of elevators on three floors.

“We’ve had great experience using LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric and thought it would be perfect for quick application and removal,” explains Eli Weingarten of Presentation Graphics. “It worked beautifully and the client loved it.”

The graphics were printed on the company’s Canon iPF9400 60″ wide-format inkjet printer, applied in one piece across the doors, spliced in the middle of the doors and wrapped around the edges. With Print-N-Stick’s removable adhesive the graphics were quickly removed with no residue after the event ended.

Celebrating UW Wrestling with Print-N-Stick Fabric

University of Wisconsin Photo Wall Mural
Photograph used for the photo wall mural, printed on LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric by AW Artworks, by David Stluka Photography.

It’s a request that’s becoming more common: Can you put up graphics and murals that I can easily tear down and replace without damaging the wall? Andy Wredberg, owner of AW Artworks in Sun Prairie, Wis., has just the print material for that request: LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric.

The University of Wisconsin’s wrestling program was looking for replaceable graphics featuring its current wrestling team national tournament qualifiers, and a photo wall mural for its offices.

Pillar Prints by AW Artworks“We applied the images of their national qualifiers to the big concrete pillars that run through the wrestling center. They have summer camps in the center and wanted something the kids would see and aspire to while they’re in there,” explains Wredberg. “The surface of each pillar is rough and has a lot of imperfections, but the Print-N-Stick contoured to the surface variances really well.”

Wredberg printed six poster-sized images (18” x 36”) for the wrestling center pillars. To ensure an even presentation across the wrestling center, Wredberg added Bucky Badger, UW’s mascot, to the mix since there were five national qualifiers represented.

Bucky Badger printed on LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric“With the tight weave and bright white point and the Print-N-Stick Fabric, the blacks are blacker and it has a richness you don’t typically see in a fabric,” says Wredberg.

For the office mural, Wredberg printed three and half 44”-wide panels applied vertically from ceiling to floor. The photo mural commemorates the record-breaking attendance (more than 10,000) at the most recent Big Ten wrestling tournament held at UW’s arena. David Stluka Photography captured the image from the Big Ten tournament used for the photo wall mural print.

“To make sure everything lined up we picked a few of the elements – the signs and banners going across the picture horizontally – to key off of. The whole thing went up quickly and easily; I was pleasantly surprised. From start to finish, including taking all the furniture out, installation and trimming, it took about an hour and a half. I couldn’t be more pleased,” says Wredberg.

LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric
Mission accomplished: The boring Jumbotron image was seamlessly replaced, actually covered up, with a swatch of Print-N-Stick emblazoned with the Wisconsin logo.

As a final touch, Wredberg is changing the image on the Jumbotron in the photo. Actually, he’s not replacing it, but printing a new image to be placed over it on Print-N-Stick Fabric. We’ll add a photo of the updated mural to this post when it’s been applied, so check back to see how it turned out.

“After we applied the mural they asked if we could put something different on the Jumbotron because the current image is kind of boring. So, we measured it, I’ll print the image, trim it to size and cover up that little section. It will be pretty seamless. You would be hard-pressed to do that with other materials and have it look as good as it does with Print-N-Stick,” adds Wredberg.

You Print to it, and it Sticks

Print-N-Stick Video

Not only does it stick, but LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric is repositionable and removable. As the video embedded below illustrates, the repositionable adhesive on the back of this bright-white fabric makes it super-simple to print, apply, reposition and remove with no residue.

Compatible with aqueous printers, including the latest from Canon, Epson and HP, LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric provides true photo-quality printing for a variety of applications, chief among those applications being wall murals and wall cut-outs.

It can also be used for signs, windows and other flat surfaces. It will not rip, wrinkle or stretch in production and provides higher ink saturation and a bright-white print surface for deeper, sharper colors than most inkjet fabrics on the market.

See how easy it is to print, stick, reposition and remove in the video below…

Stick to Super-Smooth Surfaces with LexJet PVC-Free Cling

Cotton Bowl Graphics

To overcome the graphics adhesion challenge of slick materials, like glass, plexiglass, metals and Formica, LexJet introduces LexJet PVC-Free Cling – White.

The new printable polypropylene material not only sticks to super-smooth surfaces, it’s also repositionable, removable and re-usable. LexJet PVC-Free Cling features the latest micro-adhesion technology to ensure easy application and removal.

Window Graphics“The AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic Bowl game at AT&T Stadium was our first opportunity to use this great new product. We had previously been using a static cling vinyl on the interior windows and doors. We wanted to give the new product a try so we used it in one of the main entrance areas. The product prints beautifully, and is very easy to apply,” says Jeff Teasley, E.H. Teasley & Co. Inc., Dallas. “This product will also enable us to remove some of the prints and take them to other parts of the building and install them again at a different location if needed. They remove very easily but still retain a lot of tack on them, unlike a static cling.”

LexJet Window GraphicsLexJet PVC-Free Cling is compatible with solvent, low-solvent and UV-curable inks. It is water- and fade-resistant and will not shrink or wrinkle. It’s also environmentally-friendly, free of phthalates, glycol-ether, formaldehyde and PVC, and can be cleaned using common household cleaners.

“LexJet PVC-Free Cling provides our customers with everything they’ve asked for in a PVC-free film for smooth-surface application: excellent adhesion yet repositionable and reusable, contour-cut capable, bubble-free during application, and dimensionally stable so it doesn’t shrink and peel off when the temperature changes,” says Jaimie Mask, LexJet product manager.

LexJet PVC-Free Cling – White is now available from LexJet’s delivery network in 54″ x 100′ and 60″ x 100′ rolls. To find out more and to order, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Re-Stock and Re-Stick: LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric Now in Stock

LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric
Wall graphics printed on LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric by Coca-Cola Bottling Co. High Country for the Rushmore Civic Center, Rapid City, S.D.

LexJet’s new Print-N-Stick Fabric gives you the best of both worlds: true photo-quality printing on an easy-to-apply, repositionable and removable adhesive-backed fabric. That’s why it sold out almost immediately.

Print-N-Stick is now back in stock and available through LexJet’s North American Delivery Network.

If you’d like to request a free printed sample to see all the qualities that make Print-N-Stick a must-have inkjet material for print production, click here.

The reason for the repositionable adhesive-backed fabric’s popularity boils down to ease of printing, application and removal, plus the unprecedented imaging quality you get from the bright-white print surface. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s just some of the feedback we’ve received since the product was initially launched this summer…

“It’s very easy to use; it doesn’t stick together when you take the backing off of it and doesn’t stretch when you peel it off the substrate to realign it. You can apply it to a surface and it won’t take the texture off the wall or leave a sticky residue behind.”

Amanda Hill, graphics manager, Odom Corporation

“Print-N-Stick really pops; the saturation and image quality is really crisp.”

Sarah Hoefert, visual imaging specialist, Rudinec & Associates

“I really like the image quality we’re getting from the Print-N-Stick Fabric; it actually prints better than most of the adhesive-backed materials we use, including vinyl.

John Fritz, production manager, Canyon Distributing

To find out more about LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric, check out the product page for sizes, pricing and other specifications. Give us a call at 800-453-9538 for more information and to order.