Not All Window Graphics Media Are Created Equal

When it comes to printing window graphics, the technology and application possibilities have exploded in recent years, thanks to new films and clings that have hit the market. Window graphics have been used in the bottling market for years on store windows, in particular. But with all of the new options available today, even more environments — like retail outlets and corporate offices — are getting their messages and imagery beyond the walls and onto the windows.

But it’s important to know: Not all window graphic media options are created equal.

Cottrell Printing installs a 60-40 perforated window film.

“Each substrate has its own nuances to consider,” Digital Output magazine reported in its October 2015 issue. “Such as whether it is adhered to the outside or inside of the glass, ink type compatibility and special print challenges.”

But that doesn’t mean it has to be a challenge to find the right window media for the job. “You basically have three options: Low-tack films and vinyls (in clear, white or backlit), static clings or perforated media,” says LexJet’s Michael Clementi. “You can also add a removable adhesive to any product.”