Securing Valuable Advertising Space with Removable Wall Graphics

Inkjet Printed Wall Mural

The name of the game in the beverage distribution business is branding and securing as much space as possible to advertise the brands at the point of sale, whether it’s in a beverage center, a bar or any other place that sells beer.

Inkjet Printed GraphicsOne of the hurdles to overcome when it comes to plastering an establishment’s walls with branding is the potential damage adhesive-backed graphics can do to it. One solution is Photo Tex from LexJet, a repositionable and removable printable fabric.

In the case pictured here, that’s what sold the job promoting Brown’s Brewing Company and Angry Orchard. The owner of the beverage center expanded his office, creating new walls that screamed out for branding.

Seeing an opportunity, DeCrescente Distributing proposed wall graphics. The owner hesitated, concerned about the potential damage to the wall.

“We proposed using Photo Tex, and explained that it would come off the wall easily without damaging it or leaving residue behind. That’s a big selling point for us,” says James Lane, DeCrescente graphic designer. “It also applies a lot easier than a typical adhesive-backed vinyl. It’s been up for a few weeks and we expect it will be up for a long time.”

Wall Graphics for Angry OrchardAs you can see from the photos, the design the DeCrescente graphics team came up with printed flawlessly on the print shop’s Epson GS6000 low-solvent printer, and provides an almost three-dimensional illusion of walking toward an actual brewery as you saunter down the aisle.

The new wall mural also promotes the growler taps that protrude from the office wall. Lane says that was an important element the customer wanted to highlight.

“One of the reasons he extended his office was so he could have keg coolers in there with the taps coming out of the outside wall. People can come in and fill up their growlers with the beer specials of the day listed on the white board, which is what he has on tap,” adds Lane.

More Print-N-Stick for Point of Sale

LexJet Print N Stick Fabric on Coroplast

Amanda Hill, graphics manager for the Odom Corporation in Wenatchee, Wash., says LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric is becoming the beverage distributor’s go-to adhesive-backed inkjet material for all kinds of point of sale projects.

“It’s very easy to use; it doesn’t stick together when you take the backing off of it and doesn’t stretch when you peel it off the substrate to realign it. You can apply it to a surface and it won’t take the texture off the wall or leave a sticky residue behind,” says Hill. “The colors and imaging are very vibrant. It’s not a very porous fabric, so the colors stand out a lot and are true to the colors in the original file.”

Window GraphicsHill reports that Odom Corporation has been using Print-N-Stick Fabric for windows, cooler wraps and applications to Coroplast.

Since Hill sends out the prints she creates to a staff of about 50 salespeople in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, it’s crucial that the print material is as easy as possible to apply, stands out in a market crowded with point of sale materials, and is durable.

“The sales staff installs most of their own signs, and they say it’s a lot easier to put up alone; most applications don’t require two or more people to help. I’ve only applied it to Coroplast, and it doesn’t take long at all; it’s a very smooth, fluid, quick process,” says Hill. “Here in Wenatchee we’ve had some hot temperatures this summer. I’ve had other materials bubble quite a bit that tend to pull away from the surface, but with Print-N-Stick we’ve it in direct sunlight and it’s been 95 degrees here and it looks just as good as when we put it up.”

For more information and to order LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538. Print-N-Stick Fabric sold out quickly, so it’s currently out of stock. However, the product should be back in stock by Monday, Sept. 16.

Print-N-Stick for Point of Sale

LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric at the Point of SaleLexJet’s new Print-N-Stick Fabric™ is making its mark at the point of sale.

In fact, it’s making all kinds of marks without leaving a mark behind.

That’s the whole point of the adhesive-backed repositionable inkjet-printable fabric: apply, re-position, remove and re-use without leaving any residue behind.

Add that to a brilliant white point that provides photographic image quality and watch it sell brands at the point of sale.

At least that’s been the experience of Canyon Distributing in Yuma, Ariz., which has been branding practically everywhere and everything with the inkjet fabric.

Point of Sale Promotional Graphics
The “painted” Blue Moon bottle has been a popular point-of-sale piece at Canyon Distributing. Here’s a print before it’s contour-cut and applied to any variety of flat surfaces. John Fritz of Canyon Distributing says the images really pop and look quite realistic when printed on LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric.

“Our account reps have been asking for the material a lot lately. Everyone likes it for the point of sale application ideas they’ve come up with, in addition to the application ideas I already had. It’s quite versatile,” says John Fritz, production manager for Canyon Distributing.

Fritz says Print-N-Stick has been stuck onto chalkboard menus at restaurants, windows, coolers, doors, and bar tops and sides, among other applications. One of those applications, pictured here, is the application of Blue Moon bottle caps to floors.

“We laminated the floor stickers so they could be cleaned and are more durable. Then, they can be easily removed and placed somewhere else,” says Fritz.

Fritz adds that the bottle cap prints and “painted” Blue Moon bottles are the most popular images among Canyon Distributing’s account reps, which are usually applied as cut-outs. “The painted bottles look relatively realistic when they’re applied,” adds Fritz.

Point of Sale Graphics and Promotions“I really like the image quality we’re getting from the Print-N-Stick Fabric; it actually prints better than most of the adhesive-backed materials we use, including vinyl,” says Fritz. “It’s also amazing how forgiving the material is when you apply it; minor bends and whatnot that would ruin other media during application are easily fixed with this material. This makes it ideal for passing out to sales representatives who lack experience with media application, eliminating the need to do it myself at our accounts.”

Save 20 Percent on the New LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric™

Jonathan Gomez, Point of Sale Creation & Distribution Manager for Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling Company, says LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric has been an ideal inkjet material for point-of-sale printing; it's easy to print and install and reproduces those crucial corporate colors brilliantly.
Jonathan Gomez, Point of Sale Creation & Distribution Manager for Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling Company, says LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric has been an ideal inkjet material for point-of-sale printing; it’s easy to print and install and reproduces those crucial corporate colors brilliantly.

From now until July 31 save 20 percent on your first order of LexJet’s new Print-N-Stick Fabric™ inkjet media for aqueous printers.

The new product combines the quality imaging surface of Water-Resistant Satin Cloth with an adhesive that makes it easy to apply, reposition, remove and re-use graphics without leaving any residue behind.

Print-N-Stick Fabric was designed to make it easy in production as well: it won’t rip, wrinkle or stretch during production or installation and can be cut into shapes without fraying or tearing.

The adhesive backed fabric provides rich, sharp images with a brilliant 110⁰ white point for printing all kinds of applications, including wall murals and cut-outs, decals, window graphics, signage and more.

For more information, and to take advantage of this offer before it ends on July 31, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Banner Stands Front and Center at Clark Beverage Group

Banner stands for bars and restaurantsYou might say that Brian Walton, print shop manager for Clark Beverage Group, Southaven, Miss., has point of sale design and print production down to a science. It helps that Walton is involved in just about every aspect of the distribution company’s business; it helps provide needed perspective on what resonates in the market.

With what Walton calls flawless printing from his Canon iPF8000S wide-format inkjet printer and inkjet media from LexJet, Clark Beverage Group is able to create competitive advantage with unique point-of-sale displays.

Recently, Walton says they’ve had great success with portable banner stands at various venues that promote both their brands and the lineup of bands playing at those venues. Walton typically uses the LexJet Spring 3 Banner Stand with LexJet TOUGHcoat Water-Resistant Polypropylene as the print medium for this type of application.

Producing banners stands for bars“It’s not something that gets pushed up against the wall; it’s placed front and center. When you walk in, it’s impossible to miss it. When we tried the banner stands the first time, it was a big hit. If someone gets a banner stand and a competitor sees it, they want their own, so it becomes a kind of tug of war between these bars,” says Walton. “They’re also convenient from a formatting standpoint, so that if I make one Sam Adams band list and I want to push Sam Adams somewhere else I can just swap out the information. They see the connection with the beer and they see the schedule information they need.”

Walton has also used LexJet 11 Mil Blockout Water-Resistant Polypropylene, but only in situations where there’s lots of light that can shine through the back and detract from the message. Most of the banner stands don’t require the blockout since they’re generally in low-light environments.

Whatever the design, Walton says he keeps everything as simple as possible and always works to separate the brands, instead of mixing two or three brands together on one piece.

Window graphics with perforated window vinyl
Another effective point of sale tool for Clark Beverage Group is LexJet Aqueous Perforated Window Vinyl.

“I’m always finding complexity in the corporate world and the challenge is to simplify everything. When I first came here they treated Miller Lite and Coors Light the same. We got out of that and began treating those beers differently since they have their own distinct branding. That way you stay true to the brand and get space at the point of sale for both. We make the package, the brand and the price the stars of the design,” says Walton. “My workflow is to build everything in Illustrator, then to Photoshop. The Canon has the Photoshop plug-in, which really makes production go a lot faster.”