Photographer David Ziser Starts His Captured by the Light Seminar Tour Sept. 7

LexJet is proud to be a sponsor of David Ziser’s 20-city 2010 “Captured by the Light” Seminar Tour. The tour kicks off Tuesday evening, Sept. 7 in Phoenix, AZ and runs through Nov. 4, visiting cities throughout the US.  (Click here for a complete list of dates and cities.)

Each fast-paced, entertaining evening runs a full 4-1/2 hours and is jam-packed with practical advice for wedding and portrait photographers, photography students, assistants, emerging pros, and anyone else who wants to expand their knowledge of digital photography, beautiful lighting, image composition, and sensible posing.

Photographer Rick Cruz Leads Eco Photo Safaris of the Everglades

If you have always wanted to shoot images in the Everglades but have feared some of the snakes, gators, and other unknown dangers that might be lurking in the muck, consider joining one of the new eco photo safaris being offered by Swamp Exploreres, a new company operated by LexJet customer Rick Cruz.

Nature photographer/preservationist Rick Cruz and Master Naturalist Julie Cardenas founded Swamp Explorers to help more people experience the beauty of the Everglades environment in a way that will motivate them to join the fight to preserve it. In addition to photo safaris, they offer educational swamp walks and kayak tours to members of the general public. They both know enough about the environment that they can help you overcome your fears and see the Everglades in a whole new light.

The largest subtropical wilderness in the U.S., the Everglades includes both freshwater and salt-water habitats and is home to a rich diversity of rare and endangered species of plants and animals. Although the Everglades once covered almost 11,000 square miles in South Florida, it is only half that size today because many of the marshlands have been drained for agriculture, development, and flood control.  Every time a developer claims another five acres, Rick says they may inadvertently be removing a rare plant species that exists nowhere else on Earth.

Photographer Eddie Tapp Will Show How to Print Like a Pro at Open House Events

Digital-imaging expert and Canon Explorer of Light Eddie Tapp will be the featured speaker at the free Learn from a Pro/Print Like a Pro open houses that Canon and LexJet are hosting July 26 in Irving TX and July 28 in Irvine, CA. Photographers of all backgrounds and skill levels can benefit from Eddie’s easy-to-understand explanations of color balance and exposure/tone controls, color management, image enhancement techniques, and how to select the correct print settings.

WPPI Plans 2010 Road Show

WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International)  is taking the fun and excitement of its Las Vegas Conference on the road, with plans for its second annual Road Trip. Each full day of educational classes will cover topics of interest to photographers who want to achieve more success shooting weddings and portraits. Some of hottest digital-photography speakers in the business will present expert advice for lighting, posing, Photoshop and post-production, and business and marketing.

PDN Offers Online Expo for Portrait and Wedding Photography

On May 24 and 25, PDN PhotoPlus Virtual Events is hosting a free wedding and portrait expo for imaging professionals.

From the comfort of your home and office you can visit virtual trade-show booths, and participate in keynotes and six different sessions dedicated to the wedding and portrait business. Sessions include The Fine Art of Wedding Photography, Reinventing Yourself and Building Your Wedding Business, SEM + SEO Marketing, and Fusion Photography—how to tell the story of the wedding day through video mixed with still photography.

In addition to learning new approaches to wedding shoots and refining your marketing techniques, you will get tips that can help you run a profitable business by increasing client purchases and mastering the art of album sales.

Genesis Offers Photography Courses for Children and Teens

Will kids who grow up snapping pictures on cell phones and sharing them on Facebook have the same appreciation for the art of photography and well-crafted photographic prints as today’s photography pros who grew up with film cameras and darkroom processing?  Maybe not—unless they can learn from photographers who know how to explain the art in a way that makes sense to them.

That’s why some of the sessions in the new Genesis Digital Photography Learning Center in Mountain View, CA will be directed at children and high-school students.