LensFlare35 Links Canon Pro Photographers

By Kelly Price

One big advantage of online learning is that you don’t have to read through pages and pages of information onscreen to find good information. Nor, do you have to travel far from your desk.

InFocSept09IndusIntelLensFlareNow you can simply kick back in your chair for awhile and have the information you want delivered via webinars, videos, or podcasts. Some of this information is coming from some fresh sources of expertise and insights.

One LexJet customer, David E. Warner, recently told me about LensFlare 35, an audio podcast community he has started for users of Canon cameras. He noted that one of his first interviews was with Sandra Pearce, the pro photographer/portrait painter in Okeechobee, FL who was featured in the Artist Spotlight section of LexJet’s In Focus newsletter (Vol. 4, No. 5) 

Since then, David has taped an impressive mix of other Canon shooters working in all parts of the country and in many different fields. Some of the photographers interviewed so far include: ‘famous-faces’ portrait photographer Brian Smale; author Rick Sammon; wedding photographer David Ziser; blogger and social-media expert Rosh Sillars; nature and conservation photographer Gabby Salazar; and nature and landscape photographer Jennifer Wu.

In one of his most recent interviews, David talks with landscape photographer and Outdoor Photographer magazine columnist William Neill who lives near Yosemite National Park. The interview itself is nearly an hour long but very thorough. You can preview the contents by checking out the PDF with the list of questions that Warner asks during the interview. You can also click on a special video in which Neill shows some of his images and explains how they were captured.   

In the main interview, David asks William Neill about everything from his technique and thought processes during a specific shooting scenario to how he differentiates his work from the thousands of fellow photographers who shoot popular scenes in Yosemite National Park. Neill also talks about why he likes printing his own work on his Canon inkjet printers, how he has gotten his work represented by galleries, and how he chooses which editions are limited and which ones are open. In other words, there’s a wide range of information covered in a relaxed, and conversational style.    

David Warner says, “The LensFlare 35 site emerged out of a personal desire to connect with other photographers to share tips and techniques specific to Canon equipment. It’s easy to find communities of Nikon photographers out there, but when it comes to Canon shooters, there hasn’t been much.

 “The masters of today’s digital photography are blending technique, technology and an amazing level of artistic talent,” he adds. “My vision for LensFlare35’s peer-to-peer community is that all photographers will be able to leverage this shared knowledge to enhance and inspire their own work.”