WPPI Plans 2010 Road Show

WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International)  is taking the fun and excitement of its Las Vegas Conference on the road, with plans for its second annual Road Trip. Each full day of educational classes will cover topics of interest to photographers who want to achieve more success shooting weddings and portraits. Some of hottest digital-photography speakers in the business will present expert advice for lighting, posing, Photoshop and post-production, and business and marketing.

Zimmerman Portrait Designs Displays Senior Portraits on Sunset Photo Metallic Paper

Last week, I received a nice note from Ric Zimmerman of Zimmerman Portrait Designs in Billings, MT saying how much he has enjoyed using LexJet’s Sunset Photo Metallic Paper.  Here’s what Ric wrote: “When I received it, I must admit that I wasn’t really excited to try it, so I walked around the box for a day or two. Then, I decided, what the heck, and wow, I was really blown away! The results that came off my Canon iPF8100 printer were fantastic!”

Zimmerman Portrait Designs just happened to be in the middle of changing all of their studio samples for the upcoming senior season, so Ric decided to print all the displays with Sunset Photo Metallic. Here are some of the photos he sent me.

“We’ve had so many comments on how my images just seem to pop and have a 3-D look to them,” says Ric. “We have added Sunset Photo Metallic to our product line and I am excited to see how sales go.” Because his sales staff is so excited about the metallic prints, he believes his customers will be too.

Ric closed his letter with these kind words: “Thanks for sending me the paper. LexJet is always on top of the newest and best. Keep up the good work guys. You and your staff are always a pleasure to work with.”

Thanks for the great letter, Ric! We’ll look forward to hearing more about how your senior customers react to seeing their portraits printed on this exciting new product.

Creative Wallscapes Creates Opportunities for Panoramic Photographers

Professional photographers who specialize in panoramic photography might want to check out the services of Creative Wallscapes, a LexJet customer in Burnsville, MN.  The large-format, print-for-pay company specializes in producing and installing environmental graphics that can transform the look of retail spaces and restaurants and establish more pleasant and productive surroundings in corporate offices.  According to Creative Wallscapes owner Greg Dean, corporations have increasingly seen the value of using imagery to upgrade work spaces from boardrooms to hallways.

As a result, Creative Wallscapes often partners with panoramic photographers to market suitable large-scale images for environmental graphics. In some cases, photographers simply provide the content for murals that Creative Wallscapes sells.

Or, professional photographers can promote and sell the murals directly on their own websites, then subcontract the printing and installation of the murals to Creative Wallscapes. “Right now, one photographer in particular is keeping us quite busy with the graphics he is selling online,” says Greg. “We’re hoping that other photographers will see the profit potential in this type of arrangement.”

Professional photographers can contact Greg through the company’s website: www.creative-wallscapes.com or call 877-767-7446.

Creative Wallscapes worked with photographer David Lawrence to create these beautiful murals for Corvalent's new headquarters in Austin, TX.

PDN Offers Online Expo for Portrait and Wedding Photography

On May 24 and 25, PDN PhotoPlus Virtual Events is hosting a free wedding and portrait expo for imaging professionals.

From the comfort of your home and office you can visit virtual trade-show booths, and participate in keynotes and six different sessions dedicated to the wedding and portrait business. Sessions include The Fine Art of Wedding Photography, Reinventing Yourself and Building Your Wedding Business, SEM + SEO Marketing, and Fusion Photography—how to tell the story of the wedding day through video mixed with still photography.

In addition to learning new approaches to wedding shoots and refining your marketing techniques, you will get tips that can help you run a profitable business by increasing client purchases and mastering the art of album sales.

Piccirillo Wins LexJet Sunset Award at Print Competition

Chris Piccirillo of Mind’s Eye Photography in St. Mary’s, PA received a LexJet Sunset Award for having the Best Color Image in the annual print competition conducted by the Professional Photographers’ Association of Pennsylvania. The competition was held in conjunction with the group’s 73rd Annual Convention and Trade Show April 11-13, 2010 in State College, PA.