Custom Media Types for Epson SureColor Printers

Setting up custom media types for inkjet printersWhen printing with an Epson SureColor printer, like the S30670, S50670 or S70670, we recommend that you customize settings for each media that you print to. When setting up a custom media type on the front panel of the printer, settings like:

  • Paper Feed Adjustment (corrects horizontal banding)
  • Head Alignment (corrects grainy print results)
  • Heating & Drying Temperatures
  • Roll Type (important if you use reverse-wound media)

…are all dialed in to the optimum settings for a particular media. This will help ensure that you are getting the most out of the media you are printing to with regard to both print quality and print performance in the field.

In the video embedded below, learn how to create a custom media type for an Epson SureColor printer…

How to Import Custom Media Types for Canon iPF Inkjet Printers

Import custom media types ICC profiles Canon inkjet printer

When printing to Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6300, iPF6350 or iPF8300 large format inkjet printers you need to make sure that you are using the correct ICC Profile and Media Type. Both are available for download at

The Canon Media Configuration Tool for these three printers allows you to add custom media types for third-party media. Importing a custom media type offers users several advantages over selecting a generic media type. It allows the following information to be built into the media type file:

  • Paper Feed Adjustment (especially important with canvas)
  • Roll paper settings like automatic cutting, drying time and borderless printing
  • Ink limits, vaccum strength and head height (all important in telling the printer how to lay down ink)

In the videos below you will learn how to import custom media types with the Canon Media Configuration Tool using a PC and Mac. If you have any questions about this or importing custom media types for other printers, please give us a call…