The LexJet Experience: Bringing Applications to Life

The LexJet Experience was a success! Our open-house showcased equipment, RIP software and media applications for local customers. Representatives were on hand from Canon, EPSON and HP as well as GRAPHTEC, SignComp framing systems, Onyx and ImagePrint.

Set up on the third floor of the Sarasota, Fla. headquarters, the trade show-style event allowed LexJet customers the opportunity to discuss current technology, best practices and innovative applications with the vendors of their choice.

Vince Bejar, LexJet sales representative, had several customers in attendance. “They were excited about the opportunity to visit our office,” he says. “They enjoyed the hospitality and are looking forward to growing with our partnership.”

Timothy Mitchell, the resident expert in all things HP Latex, was available to discuss the best media to use with the latex printers, including his recent review of the new HP Prime Gloss Air GP.

With such an intimate setting, customers spent as much time as they needed with vendors. “I was happy about the way the customers engaged in conversations with everyone,” said HP Partner Business Manager, Frank DeMartino. “They had questions about specific applications for both the latex printers and the Z-series printers, and they wanted to learn more about the vertical trimmer on the Z9+.”

Craig Hellman, Senior Account Manager for Epson, agreed that customers were seeking solutions for unique applications. “There was a lot of interest in dye-sub printing,” Hellman said. “They want to know how to create promotional products, displays, signage and, of course, apparel.”

With Epson’s breadth of products, it wasn’t just the dye-sub applications that piqued their curiosity. “People are very interested in what the SureColor S-Series (solvent) printers can do. They asked about signage and display, but they also want to know about décor printing.”

As the day began winding down, everyone seemed to have the same question: “When are you going to do this again? This was a great learning experience.”

Given the positive feedback we’ve received, we look forward to doing another open house later this year. If you were in attendance, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact your LexJet sales representative at 800-453-9538, leave us a comment here on the blog, or visit our Facebook page.

Open House Success: Building Business with the HP Latex Printer at Red River Photo


Red River Photo Services Open House
Hey! It’s two captions for the price of one! The headline, image and caption above is from an article about Red River Photo Services and the addition of its new HP Latex 330 Printer that ran in The Journal Record, a local business journal. Red River Photo’s open house generated new business and great publicity.

Red River Photo Services in Oklahoma City recently made the big jump to latex printing with the addition of the new HP Latex 330 Printer from LexJet, supplementing the company’s fleet of Epson Stylus Pro aqueous inkjet printers to expand their offerings and their market.

Owners Leighton and Katrina Kirkpatrick have so far been impressed with the additional capabilities and benefits the printer provides and were eager to share those capabilities and benefits with their market.

Red River Photo Services Open HouseLeighton and Katrina hosted an open house at their facility last night that brought in about 75 customers and prospects. The couple provided beer, wine and a spread of hors d’oeuvres Katrina made for the event, but the big draw was the HP Latex 330.

And, the most important goal of the event was to educate and drive new business through the printer. Leighton reports that they reached that goal. In fact, he was working on an estimate for a new museum print project that was a direct result of the open house.

“Our customers were already familiar with our quality and knew the open house would be a good use of their time, but we also scored some new clients, like museums, which was really important,” Leighton says. “There was also someone at the open house who does a lot of wallpaper projects; he said he will use us, so I think we scored there as well. We’ll follow up with sales calls to LEED architects and show them some of the products, like the HP PVC-free Wall Paper because of its environmental certifications for hospitals and other facilities.”

Red River Photo ServicesLeighton and Katrina printed application samples on various media, including HP PVC-free Wall Paper, LexJet PVC-Free Cling, dreamScape Terralon, dreamScape 15 oz. Suede, banner materials and display films.

“We printed different images on the various substrates so people could see an actual wallpaper design on a wallpaper product as opposed to graphics and photos. We had several different 6×8 tables covered with these samples,” Leighton says.

Leighton also used literature from LexJet about the inks and media and an overview of HP Latex printing technologies and the environment. Along with invitations to customers and prospects, Leighton got more buzz going before the event by sharing a video LexJet produced and customized for Red River Photo about HP PVC-free Wall Paper, both through email and posted on Facebook.

“We sent the video out the day before the open house. We got a lot of response to it, and it was very successful in terms of the introduction of the latex printer’s capabilities. It was very effective and did its job by opening people’s eyes to all the possibilities the printer offers,” Leighton says. “We wanted people to know they can get a great product with the same durability as a solvent-based ink system with great imaging and application versatility. The best part about this printer? Kat and I are excited about it, and we can’t sell something we’re not excited about.”

Pump up the Canvas Wrap Volume with the fastFrame and the easyFrame

Canvas gallery and museum wrapsThere’s only one machine on the market that can produce up to 80 canvas wraps per hour: it’s called the fastFrame 1000 from Swiss manufacturer Imaging Solutions, and it’s a fully automated canvas stretching machine that can mount canvas onto 12″ x 8″ to 41″ x 41″ stretcher bars.

Available in the U.S. through LexJet, you can schedule an appointment to test the machine and see it in action, in person, at LexJet’s demo facility in Sarasota, Fla., in July. If you’re interested in scheduling a demo and finding out more about the fastFrame 1000, contact a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.

Later this summer, the easyFrame is expected to arrive at LexJet’s demo center. At about half the price of the fastFrame, it’s a semi-automated system that can produce up to 40 canvas wraps per hour. The fastFrame is listed at around $153,000 USD and the easyFrame at around $82,000 USD.

With both machines you can use pre-assembled canvas stretcher frames, or you can make them yourselves. Imaging Solutions also offers a semi-automatic frame assembling machine called the fastMount.

In the video embedded below you can get a preview of the fastFrame to see how it works and how easy it is to automate canvas stretching, producing consistent, high-quality results…

Inform, Educate and Impress: Cottrell Printing Highlights its New Capabilities

Printing window graphics with a large format printer

One of the best ways to let customers know what you can do for them is to hold an open house. A client who’s used to buying a certain product from you may not know the full breadth and depth of your product offering.

Cottrell Printing recently held an open house at its facility in Centennial, Colo., to do just that. The timing was perfect since the company had just acquired a new large format printer from LexJet, the HP L25500 latex printer, and it happens to be the company’s 40th anniversary.

Printing graphics for an open house“The large format latex printer is impressive to see in person; it’s eye catching,” says Cottrell Printing CEO Rick Hillbrand. “Our marketing of the printer has been focused on the environmentally-friendly aspects of the latex inks. However, the quality of the printer’s output has been selling it the most.”

The open house gave Cottrell Printing’s customers a first look at the printer and opened their eyes to the company’s expanded capabilities. Cottrell Printing’s roots are in commercial printing, so the bulk of its work before the acquisition of the HP L255000 was small format.

“This wasn’t a prospecting open house; it was for our existing customers to give them a fun event to come to and see if we can expand on what we’re already doing for them,” explains Hillbrand.

Printing large format graphics for an open houseThe open house was decorated with a variety of applications to showcase the large format versatility of the printer, starting at the front window, which was printed with the HP L25500 on LexJet Simple Perforated Window Vinyl (60/40).

Cottrell Printing came up with a consistent design and theme built around its 40-year involvement in the community. The result was a tasteful, professional presentation highlighting all of the company’s printing capabilities, from the large welcome sign in the lobby to retractable banners printed on HP Heavy Textile Banner material.

Using pre made stretcher bars for canvas wrapsTo draw more interest to the event and reward customers who attended, Cottrell Printing had a scan-and-win drawing for two canvas wraps using LexJet Sunset HD Pro Stretcher Bars and an HP desktop printer. The canvas wraps shown in the photo were samples. Winning customers would get a brand new canvas wrap with an image of their choice.

“It’s possible we’ll turn this into a more regular event and go after different markets as more of a prospecting event in the community,” adds Hillbrand.

Step One in a Fine Art and Photography Support System

Furthermore, based in Washington, D.C., is on its way to being much more than a print shop, thanks to the vision of its founder, Jose Ruiz, and Bridget Sue Lambert, Director & Digital Print Open house inkjet printingSpecialist for Furthmore Print, the company’s production studio. The goal is to make Furthermore an alternative incubator for comtemporary art in D.C., New York and beyond. The first step in that goal is to make printing more accessible to those artists.

Furthermore recently kicked off the concept with an open house at its studio, an event that drew hundreds of artists from the surrounding area. Though Furthermore opened its doors late last year, they took time to execute a creative printing project for the open house to show artists all the different possibilities they can explore with inkjet printing and the variety of printable media available to them.

“We recruited artists from New York and Washington, D.C., and we assigned those artists to work on a specific paper,” explains Lambert. “One artist used LexJet Sunset Photo Metallic Paper, another used Sunset Cotton Etching, and so forth, for 18 prints on 12 different papers and materials in all, including Photo Tex and LexJet 7 Mil Absolute Backlit film. We matched their work with the medium we thought would work best.”

Open house fine art reproductionUsing mainly LexJet materials and a smattering of Hahnemuhle papers, the work was produced on Furthermore’s Epson Stylus Pro 9900 through the ImagePrint RIP. The aim, says Lambert, was to show the broad spectrum of inkjet printing possibilities and how each artist’s work can be reproduced to either stringent specifications or into something completely new and different.

One artist, Patrick McDonough, reproduced his work as a windsock with LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth. Another, Isabel Manalo, whose work is originally created on Mylar, had theirs printed on the 7 Mil Absolute Backlit film. The result was a wall of diverse, unusual and innovative work that was the highlight and focal point of the open house.

“The whole idea of the print shop is to provide more economical pricing that’s still high quality and archival on nice papers so that artists have a chance to experiment more and make this part of their studio practice, instead of just for exhibitions,” says Lambert. “Before we created this wall of art and photography it was difficult to demonstrate all of the possibilities with just stock samples. Now they can see everything and all the possibilities in a loose exhibition format.”

Artists and photographersLambert estimates that 200 to 300 artists and art appreciators attended the open house. MillerCoors donated about 20 cases of Peroni and Blue Moon to help with the event, underscoring the widespread community support Furthermore has for its overall concept of being a support system for the arts.

“We wouldn’t be in the position we’re in without the help of LexJet and our customer specialist, Rob Finkel. If I was having trouble with the software or the printer he was right there to help me get it set up. I’ll call him up and tell him what I’m trying to accomplish and he lets me know about the hottest papers and what will work best for the situation,” says Lambert. “I had a lot of struggles with the software I originally chose to use, because I didn’t listen to Rob. He kept telling me to use ImagePrint and I was against it, but then I finally came around and it’s been so much easier.”

Eddie Tapp Earns Rave Reviews for Print Like a Pro Presentation

Kudos to Canon Explorer of Light Eddie Tapp for presenting such a dynamite program at the Learn from a Pro/Print Like a Pro events the last week of July. LexJet and Canon teamed up to present the Open House events at the Canon USA offices in Irvine, CA and Irving TX.

Canon Explorer of Light and Photoshop expert Eddie Tapp gave a free presentation to Learn from a Pro/Print Like a Pro Open House events LexJet and Canon conducted in Irving, TX and Irvine, CA.

We enjoyed meeting so many customers face to face, and are pleased that we received so many favorable comments from attendees. For example, here is an excerpt from the email LexJet account specialist Michael Clementi received from Michael Ryan Ripley of Ripley & Associates photographers: “I just spent six hours in a room full of people listening to what I thought was going to be a sales-pitch seminar, followed by moments of old Photoshop tricks. Boy was this old dog surprised…I have been to many Photoshop (Barnum & Bailey style) seminars that left me feeling like I had to pour my mind into a jar when I left. But not with Eddie. This was a first-class presentation. When it was over and done, I walked away feeling that it had been worth my (valuable) time and effort to go. You and your company are to be congratulated for teaming up with Canon and Eddie Tapp and putting on one helluva show. And after talking to Justin Craft and your team, I am even now more convinced that dealing with LexJet is a solid choice (not to mention that this was a great to introduce the metallic paper, which is incredible!)”