ONYX 18 Wide-format RIP Software Available from LexJet

Last month at FESPA, Onyx Graphics, Inc. announced the launch of ONYX 18, the newest version of the company’s wide-format software. The new version, available Monday, June 18, introduces new technology for color accuracy and consistency and is the first solution compatible with iccMAX, the new standard recommended by the ICC for all wide-format applications, including textile and soft signage.

ONYX 18 software will be available for the entire suite of ONYX solutions, including Thrive, ProductionHouse, PosterShop and RIPCenter.

Some of the highlights of ONYX 18 software include:

  • ONYX Color – is an industry-leading color engine. There are core enhancements for improved black ink combinations for increased shadow detail, texture and definition, with special application benefits for textile and soft signage
  • ColorCheck – a new approach to process control that enables Print Service Providers to guarantee color accuracy and output consistency across devices
  • iccMAX – is a new standard recommended by the ICC for all wide-format applications, including soft signage and textile
  • PosterColor 2.0 – first introduced to the industry by Onyx Graphics, it uses next-generation smart rendering intent to boost solid color saturation for added “pop” across all images
  • AccuBoost – is new for ONYX 18. It is an iterative profiling technique for pinpoint accuracy of ICC profiles

For more information, check out this brochure or contact your LexJet representative at 800-453-9538.

Improve Color and Workflow with the New ONYX 11.1 RIP Software

Onyx Graphics announced the release of ONYX 11.1 software, now available through LexJet. This release adds six new features to the 21 enhancements of ONYX 11.0 software to further streamline wide format workflow for professional print service providers.

ONYX 11.1 RIP Software Update
ONYX 11.1 introduces the Print Mode Defined Colors, which adds the ability to create spot colors based on a specific print mode.

ONYX 11.1 software is available for the full Onyx Graphics product line including ONYX Thrive workflow software and ONYX ProductionHouse, ONYX PosterShop and ONYX RIPCenter RIP software.

Perhaps the biggest news with the new release is that ONYX PosterShop will now include the ability to generate color profiles. Upgrade to ONYX PosterShop 11.1 now to optimize your color output by generating profiles for your unique printing workflow. The ONYX Profile Generation module is simple, easy and automated with the ONYX Print > Read > Next workflow. Powerful tools are also available to control and fine-tune advanced color profiles.

Onyx Graphics designed ONYX 11.1 software to offer users the ability to improve color output quality by taking advantage of the new, expanded gamut ink control included in the color profiling module. This expanded color gamut gives users the ability to easily match corporate colors, achieve deeper darks and print a wider range of colors.

Additional color enhancements in ONYX 11.1 include simplified spot color ink restriction with the new dynamic multi-channel ink restriction swatches, enabling users to enhance output quality without sacrificing color. For example, users can control the starting point of orange and other HiFi inks to eliminate grainy output with multi-channel ink restriction swatches.

Automation enhancements incorporated into ONYX 11.1 include unit sizing and disproportionate scaling in Job Properties as well as mirror and print reflection control.

A new cut path previewing feature improves user confidence in printed output before submitting images to production. The ability to preview cut paths in Job Editor, RIP-Queue and Job Properties modules is combined with a new, cut-only workflow. This new workflow is important for users primarily handling cut vinyl, enabling them to import jobs directly into the cut-server module without the extra step of printing.

ONYX Thrive 11.1 workflow software includes the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) 3.2 for a true end-to-end PDF workflow. According to Adobe, APPE 3 combines performance optimizations with a new scalable framework to power high-speed digital presses and large format printers. Print service providers will benefit from the fastest rendering platform for reliable reproduction of complex, graphically-rich content.

ONYX also offers various technical tutorials and white papers through the documentation section of myonyx. In addition to white papers and documentation, access to product downloads, updates, ONYX training videos and the Partner Portal is available through myonyx-Registration through myonyx is required to view the following new documents:

Tutorial – Tiling Workflow in ONYX

ONYX 11.1 – Print Mode Defined Colors White Paper

Tutorial – Creating an Indexed TIFF for use with Colorways

Tutorial – Using Swatch Books and Print Mode Defined Colors

ONYX 11.1 – Understanding Reflect at Print Time and Mirrored

ONYX 11 Textile – Using Step and Repeater

ONYX 11 Textile – Using Colorways

Using the Cut Only Workflow in ONYX 11.1

Using ONYX CUT-Server

To purchase an ONYX 11 software license, to upgrade through the ONYX Advantage software maintenance program, or for any questions, call a LexJet print specialist at 800-453-9538.

The ONYX Advantage program provides product upgrades, new printer drivers, and access to on-demand training and support videos. Current ONYX Advantage agreement holders can obtain ONYX 11.1 now by contacting sales@onyxgfx.com and requesting a key update.

Special Pricing Deal When You Convert to ONYX Thrive Workflow Software

ONYX announced new incentive pricing available at LexJet when you convert from ONYX PosterShop or ProductionHouse to ONYX Thrive, a full-featured, scalable PDF network-based workflow solution based on the Adobe PDF Print Engine.

Large format print workflow software
One of ONYX Thrive's big benefits is scalability: customize your print workflow and easily grow with business demands.

Conversion incentive pricing is good through March 29, with considerable savings when you convert from PosterShop or ProductionHouse to Thrive. If you trade in your ONYX PosterShop version 10.x for ONYX Thrive 642, for instance, you receive a value of $2,500. Trade in ONYX ProductionHouse version 10.x for ONYX Thrive 862 and receive a value of $4,000. There is also special pricing available for ONYX versions 6.5 and 7.x.

Thrive offers print shops a cost-effective way to grow their business by spreading out the workflow across multiple computers and streamlining the Adobe print process. Therefore, Thrive is more easily scalable as the print shop adds more printers and grows their business.

Plus, you can drive production from a mobile device, like an iPad, with the new Thrive Production Manager. With Thrive Production Manager on a secure network you simply open a browser, point it to the RIP Queue, and away you go, wherever you are.

To find out all the conversion pricing, and for more information about the incentive, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Onyx Version X10 Includes Significant Improvements in Profile Building

Historically, software upgrades have been a mixed blessing, sometimes leaving users wondering if a new release offers enough enhancements to justify the additional cost. In the case of Onyx’s new Version X10 release, however, a major the improvement in the Profile Build utility appears to be worth talking about.

According to LexJet’s Adam Hannig, who provides technical support for LexJet customers, Onyx’s newly automated Ink Restrictions settings can save users a huge amount of time and frustration. “In the past, setting the ink restrictions was a tedious process that involved some ambiguity in what choices to make,” says Hannig. “You didn’t know until you were well along in the profile building process whether or not you had done it correctly. If you hadn’t, it was back to the beginning.”

Setting ink restrictions in Onyx X10 is a straightforward, wizard-driven process that substitutes scanning color patches for subjective decisions. The number of steps has been reduced considerably and the potential for error minimized. For customers who prefer the hands-on control of previous versions, the wizard controls can be overridden in favor of the legacy process.

Hannig also noted that the Ink Limiting steps had also been improved, although not automated to the degree that the Ink Restrictions settings are.

“It’s definitely easier than it has been in the past,” says Hannig. “The color patches are easier to read and there are fewer decisions to make.”

Profiles generated with Onyx X10 will not, however, be compatible with previous versions of the RIP.

For more details about some of the new features and benefits of Onyx X10, call your LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538. Or read the previous blog post: Onyx Graphics Releases Version X10.

Setting ink restrictions in Onyx X10 is a straightforward, wizard-driven process that substitutes scanning color patches for subjective decisions. The number of steps has been reduced considerably and the potential for error minimized.