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What started as yellow bricks to a city of emeralds, now comes in all colors of the rainbow. Step into floor graphics. This signage can direct consumers right in the lap of your customers and away from their competition. The first step is choosing the right media.

One ideal product for trade show and event floors is LexJet Simple Indoor FloorAd, a vinyl designed for temporary floor decals and point-of-purchase ads. This vinyl is intended for indoor surfaces, with removable adhesive that bonds well to commercial tile, sealed concrete, and linoleum. Another benefit — it is removable for up to six months and is compatible with solvent, latex, and UV curable printers.

How to install floor and carpet graphics

LexJet Floor Velvet Laminate is UL certified for slip resistance for floor surfaces. Other applications beyond floor graphics include display graphics, counter mats, and more.

LexJet Textured Indoor Floor & Wall Vinyl is a semi-rigid calendared vinyl that is slip-resistant and easy to install, as well as being designed for removal without wrinkling or tearing. It sticks to most flat, semi-gloss, and gloss painted surfaces and is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex, and UV curable printers.

Floor graphics offer a step in the right direction bringing your customers closer to their target market.

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4 Ways to Step Up Your Floor Graphics

Floor graphics aren’t just for retail anymore. They provide an easy way to create ambiance for special events, turn bland walkways into brilliant displays, and even provide directional signage in the most unusual places. Here are a few examples from customers who have stepped outside the point-of-purchase box:

Wicked-cool Décor: Mark Hawkins of Mark Hawkins Photography took the “Wicked” theme of a recent fundraiser gala to new heights. Hawkins was tasked with bringing the world of Oz to life, and he turned to LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric to create graphics such as the iconic Yellow Brick Road, informational signage and what looked to be the poor Wicked Witch squashed by one of the bars. With its versatility, spot-on colors and ease of install and removal, Print-N-Stick was the go-to choice to create fun, customized graphics for the event.

Maximizing Space at Conventions and Conferences

11th Hour Business Centers, based in Orlando, Fla., knows how to build the brand of both the sponsors and the company’s convention center/hotel clients at the myriad of conferences and conventions that come to town in trade show heavy Orlando.

Using floor graphics for conventions and conferencesThe trick, especially with high end properties, is to give visibility to the sponsors of the show while maintaining the look of the facility where the show is being held. This is particularly crucial when there are multiple shows going on at the same time and at the same facility where it’s easy to lose the both the message and the messenger in a hodge-podge of inconsistent signage.

“We want the graphics to be representative of the property and meet the needs of each sponsor at the same time,” says Mark Jacques, director of print services for 11th Hour Business Centers. “We design a lot of the work and we focus on keeping it simple and understated while ensuring we communicate the message the client wants.”

An important way to differentiate the message of each sponsor, while making it consistent with the environment of the facility, is in the strategic placement of signage and finding ways to optimize the available space. 11th Hour Business Centers does this through the judicious use of floor, carpet, window, wall and pole graphics.

“As always, the convention industry is changing and evolving. Today’s conventions are focusing much more on creating a full-blown theme to life for their conferences. Converting a hotel shell into a visual storyboard is where meeting planners are going. They want these themes focused and heavily branded to ensure that the message of the event is creatively and visually illustrated,” says Jacques.

Window graphics for conventions and conferences

A recent example was the work the company did for SPIE (an international society for optics and photonics) and its sponsors, pictured here. 11th Hour Business Centers printed nine sponsorship floor graphics on LexJet Simple Indoor FloorAd laminated with LexJet Floor Gloss Laminate.

“If they’re expecting a tremendous amount of attendance we steer them away from floor graphics where they expect lines and lots of people gathering in one place simply because all that traffic will obscure the floor graphics. Instead, we recommend main thoroughfares where there will be a lot of people walking but not all bunched together,” says Jacques.

For the entryway window to the show, Jacques chose to use Indoor FloorAd here as well. He says it sticks well and then comes off easily after the show. For SPIE, the window graphic was 98 in. x 160 in. printed in two pieces on the company’s HP 60-in. Designjet L25500 latex inkjet printer.

Columns and walls were wrapped with Photo Tex for a repositionable and easily removed graphic in lieu of typical directional and information signage. “With the solutions available to us we have the capability of having signage in a lot of different and unique places, some of which we swap out on a daily basis. We can go in and pull off today’s schedule and put up tomorrow’s schedule in a matter of minutes. Our clients rely on us because we’re keeping their image in mind as we place and install the graphics, especially when there are other conventions going on in the same area,” adds Jacques. “When we do installations at one of our properties we guarantee we won’t cause any damage to the property, and if we do we pay for it. That gives us a definite advantage because we stand behind it.”

Floor Graphics for Everyone

David Snyder, owner of Premier Media Group (PMG) in Lubbock, Texas, is a floor graphics evangelist. He is a true believer in the power of floor graphics and their ability to not only advertise, but to inform and direct.

PMG prints floor graphics that celebrate exemplary schools in Texas with LexJet Simple Indoor FloorAd. In this case, PMG used the clear version with 5 Mil GraphicGuard Velvet Floor Laminate.

“Floor graphics reach a lot of people in a lot of different ways,” says Snyder. “We use floor graphics in our production area as safety signage for our employees and visitors, especially around our screen printing carousels and other automated equipment. At special events, arenas and trade shows, floor graphics can be used as directional and informational signage. For advertising at the point of sale it’s one of the most effective ways to reach the consumer.”

Snyder says that PMG has seen a sharp rise in floor graphics orders over the past year or so as more companies and organizations have realized the benefits of this in-your-face advertising medium.

“If you just sit in a corner at a store and watch people shop, they’re looking down most of the time. You typically look down and forward as you walk. So, any place that has floor space is fair game,” says Snyder. “We really drive that home at PMG. If you’re going to spend a lot of money wrapping vehicles and whatnot, why not spend a fraction of that and put your product right in front of their face by putting it on the floor.”