Constructing a Legend out of Cloth

Lizza Studios designed and printed a banner on LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth for each decade Sordoni Construction has been in business. Photo courtesy Sordoni Construction Services.

Sordoni Construction is an icon in the northeast, so it was only natural that it would select fine-art reproduction and printing icon Bob Lizza to help celebrate Sordoni’s 100th anniversary. Lizza was charged with designing and rendering a fitting photographic tribute to the company’s 100 years of excellence with something equally excellent.

As the photos that accompany this description attest, Lizza was able to exceed expectations and deliver a literal show-stopper for the big event. Held in a giant tent at one of Sordoni’s properties, Lizza decided to present a brief history of the company in photos on a backlit cloth.

“From the very beginning I thought it would be nice to either backlight or up-light the images since they would be displayed inside the big tent in low light,” explains Lizza. “We came up with a unique application on LexJet’s Water-Resistant Satin Cloth. I’ve used the material before, but never backlit, and it turned out fantastic.”