How to Apply LexJet Infinium to Plexiglass

Printing graphics for application to plexiglassAs mentioned in an earlier post, LexJet Infinium is a new inkjet-printable material that conforms to virtually any substrate to which you apply it. Infinium is not a paper, film or transfer medium but a material with adhesive, laminate and print receptive qualities built into it.

When properly applied, Infinium not only conforms to the material but takes on the texture and look of the material. It can be applied with heat, water or a primer (LexJet Infinium Bond), depending on how temporary or permanent the graphic needs to be.

The current generation of LexJet Infinium is compatible with solvent, low solvent, latex and UV curable printers and comes in gloss and matte finishes in roll widths ranging from 25″-54″. For more information about LexJet Infinium, contact a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.

In the video below, see how Infinium is applied to plexiglass with a thermal laminator…