Window Graphics Applications Made Easy with Optically Clear Tape

LexJet Optically Clear Tape is a great alternative for applying graphics to the inside of a window.

If you’re looking for an economical and easy way to apply and remove window graphics, LexJet is now offering LexJet Optically Clear Tape. It’s a 1”-wide optically-clear double-sided tape that allows you to face-mount graphics on the inside of the window so they can be viewed from the outside.

Optically Clear Tape has a permanent acrylic adhesive on one side to apply to the graphic and a removable adhesive on the other to apply to the window. The tape is quick and easy to apply and is an economic alternative since you’re only applying it to the perimeter as opposed to covering the entire graphic with an optically clear adhesive. Plus, it eliminates the potential for vandalism since the graphic is on the inside of the window.

LexJet Optically Clear Tape works well with polypropylene and polyester print media as well as LexJet Two-Way Light Block for double-sided window graphics that can be seen both inside and outside the store and LexJet FaceMount 70/30 Perforated Film.