Our Warehouses Get Your Order to You Fast


Wondering when your LexJet order will land on your doorstep? Our five U.S. warehouses are positioned around the country to get you the printing supplies you need with the quickest delivery time possible.

Our U.S. warehouse locations include:

We have an additional warehouse in Burlington, Ontario, for orders in Canada. The map above shows the estimated delivery times around those locations. For more information, please visit our Locations page.

UPS is our preferred shipping partner, and your LexJet representative can work with you to determine precise shipment times. With LexJet and UPS, you and your customers can be confident that your shipments will consistently arrive when you expect them. Plus, you can track your shipments and confirm delivery times so you don’t miss a beat in production.

Keep in mind, we also have an extended network of 19 original equipment manufacturer (OEM) distribution centers around the country, as well.

If you need a product by a specific date, don’t hesitate to call your LexJet representative at 800-453-9538.