Custom Leather Book Cover Demos at Print 13 in Chicago

LexJet and FastbindUSA will unveil a new print process for creating full-color, photographic images on leather book and album covers at Print 13 in Chicago, Sept. 8-12, in Booth 2684.

CoverFilm from FastbindUSAThe new print process is based on the proprietary Avatrex coating technology from LexJet, which can be created with wide-format aqueous, solvent and latex printers, as well as HP Indigo presses.

FastbindUSA has designed a process using its case-making system and Avatrex technology, called CoverFilm, that allows a full-color image to be transported onto and conformed to virtually any surface or substrate. In this case, the CoverFilm method produces a custom print that retains all of the qualities of the leather – the look (or “hand”), feel and smell – since the process essentially fuses the artwork into the leather.

“CoverFilm encapsulates the ink between the substrate surface and the outer layer, protecting the ink and substrate from the elements without the need to add an additional layer of lamination,” explains Kent Dalzell of FastbindUSA. “The result is a custom print that keeps the original surface texture, but is durable enough to make photo book or photo album hard case covers.”

Avatrex technology, a winner of the Print Industries of America Intertech Technology Award in 2012, was developed combining a proprietary nano-chemistry with a proprietary coating technology called the Synergistic Layering Process.  This chemistry and process allow Avatrex to operate as a printable media and laminate, as well as an adhesive in specific applications, all in one material.

Avatrex technology has also been certified and awarded a 3 Star rating by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) for use with HP 4000 and 6000 series Indigo presses and the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press’ One-Shot process.

The technology will be demonstrated at the FastbindUSA booth using an HP Z3200 aqueous wide-format printer. Samples created with other print technologies, including HP Latex and HP Indigo, will also be featured in the booth.

Print 13 attendees who visit the FastbindUSA booth can also take advantage of show-only specials and promotions. For more information about Avatrex technology, go to, or contact LexJet at 800-453-9538.