New Printers and New Savings are Here for July

If you are ready to add new equipment to your workflow, check out these hot summer deals from Epson, HP, and Canon.

Highlights for this month’s savings include:

  • EPSON instant savings up to $4,000 on qualified F-Series printer purchase.
  • Time’s running out on HP Loyalty Rebates. Save up to $7,000 on a qualified purchase when upgrading from legacy L2 series printers; or get up to $750 back on the purchase of a qualified aqueous printer with “Cash in and Trade Up” rebates.
  • Instantly save up to $500 on a qualified Canon PRO-Series printer or get up to $1,000 back with mail-in rebates.

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EPSON Instant Rebates – Valid through July 31, 2020 

EPSON P-Series:

Visit our EPSON P-Series selection page to see which photo printer is right for you.

EPSON S-Series:

New Bulk Ink System with 1500 mL ink system:

Print & Cut Bundle includes S-Series printer, Graphtec cutter and ONYX software:

Production Edition:

EPSON F-Series:

Instant Rebate: Save Up to $1,000 on an Epson T-Series Printer

If speed and precision are important in your printing operation, then an Epson T-Series printer is an ideal candidate to add to your toolbox. These finely engineered machines are Epson’s state-of-the-art aqueous printers, available in 24-, 36- or 44-inch widths.

They each have an instant rebate available through the end of July:

Since these printers launched in 2014, we’ve chatted with LexJet customers about how they’ve integrated a T-Series into their facilities. “I’ve been really loving this machine. It’s so much faster — twice as fast as our other Epson,” says NYC-based master printer Luther Davis. “With this new machine, there are lots of subtle tweaks they’ve done and targeted it to a market that wanted speed, but not at the sacrifice of accuracy and quality.”

Read more about Davis’s experience with the Epson SureColor T7270 44in Dual Roll Printer in our previous blog: For This Master Printer, Epson T-Series Goes the Distance.

Since the new T-Series printers are geared toward precise line and text printing, we also chatted with Willie Meredith at the electrical engineering firm RB Lewis Limited in Henrico, VA. “We needed a printer that could handle engineering drawings and computer graphics as well. We wanted a printer that was reliable and well-made that came well-reviewed, too,” he says. 

Read more about how the engineering firm makes the most of its Epson SureColor T7270 here: The Engineer’s Choice for Wide-Format Printers: Epson T-Series.

Epson says the T-Series delivers resolution up to 2880 x 1440 DPI, producing a presentation quality D-size plot in as little as 25 seconds. The T-Series single-roll printers utilize a horizontal catch basket for enhanced output stacking, while the dual-roll printers feature a high-capacity catch basket for quick retrieval and reduced sorting time.

Efficient, precise and productive, the Epson T-Series can be a game-changer in your operation, too. Reach out to a LexJet expert today at 800-453-9538 to learn how a T-Series printer can help you build and expand your business.

Don’t Miss These Sun-sational Printer Deals


Yes, July is certainly starting off with a bang — and we’re not just talking about fireworks. We’ve got some sizzling summer rebates, deals and special pricing for a variety of printer models, described below. All offers listed below are valid through July 31, 2015, unless otherwise noted, so jump on these deals while they’re hot.

EPSON Instant Rebates:

SureColor S30675, 64-inch: $2,000; SureColor S50675, 64-inch: $2,000; SureColor S70675, 64-inch: $2,000

Includes one-year onsite service and one-year extended service contracts for a total of two-years coverage with the option to purchase a third year.

SureLab D3000 DR, Dual Roll  or Single Roll printer: $2,000

Stylus Pro 7890, Standard or Designer Edition, 24-inch: $750

Stylus Pro 9890 Standard or Designer Edition, 44-inch: $1,000

Stylus Pro 7900, 24-inch: $750; Stylus Pro 9900, 44-inch: $1,000; Stylus Pro 11880, 64-inch: $2,000

SureColor T3270, 24-inch: $500; SureColor T5270, 36-inch single or dual-roll: $750; SureColor T7270, 44-inch single or dual-roll: $1,000

SureColor F2000, 20-inch: $2,000

EPSON Mail-In Rebates:

Stylus Pro 3880 StandardSignature Worthy and Designer Edition: $200

Stylus Pro 4900 Standard and Designer Edition: $150 and $300, respectively

HP Rebates & Special Pricing:

Upgrade to an HP Latex 360 printer and get $1,000 cash back (mail-in rebate), or to an HP Latex 370 and get $3,000 cash back (mail-in rebate) with a qualifying trade-in. Save an additional $1,000 with a letter of intent (LOI) from any HP event.

$1,880 Instant Rebate on HP DesignJet Z6800 or DesignJet Z6600, HP DesignJet Postscript Upgrade and HP DesignJet Media Bin*

$3,145 Instant Rebate on HP DesignJet Z6200, HP DesignJet Postscript Upgrade and HP DesignJet Take-Up-Reel*

*Must purchase one of each qualifying SKU on same invoice to be eligible for bundle instant rebate

Ask about special pricing on HP aqueous printers: DesignJet Z6800 60-inch Photo Production PrinterDesignJet Z6200 42-inch Photo Printer, while supplies last.

For additional information on any of these rebates, call LexJet at 800-453-9538.