Get up to $2,500 Cash Back on Canon’s New Printers through December

New large format inkjet printersCanon announced its Q4 mail-in and trade-in rebates on its next-generation imagePROGRAF larger-format inkjet printers: the iPF6400, iPF6450, iPF8400, iPF9400 and iPF9400S. From now until Dec. 15 you can take advantage of mail-in and trade-in rebates, which can be combined:

  • iPF6400: $300 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 17″ or wider printer), plus a $300 mail-in rebate
  • iPF6450: $500 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 17″ or wider printer), plus a $350 mail-in rebate
  • iPF8400: $800 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 36″ or wider printer), plus a $1,000 mail-in rebate
  • iPF9400: $1,000 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 36″ or wider printer), plus a $1,500 mail-in rebate
  • iPF9400S: $1,000 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 36″ or wider printer)

And, while supplies last, there are also ongoing trade-in and mail-in rebates on Canon’s other printers:  $300 on the iPF6300, iPF6350, and iPF8300S; $880 on the iPF8300; and $1,200 on the iPF9000S and iPF9100. For trade-in eligibility you must have a 17” or wider printer for the 24” Canon printers, or a 36” or wider printer for the 44” or 60” Canon machines.

Mail-in rebates include $350 for the Canon iPF5100, $500 for the iPF6300, $1,000 for the iPF6350, $1,000 for the iPF8300 and $3,200 for the iPF9100. The trade-in and mail-in rebates on these printers can be combined where applicable.

For complete rebate terms, go to and pick up a claim form online at

For more information about the rebates and special bundle deals, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Canon Updates Ink Sets

New inkjet printers from CanonIf you’re looking for inks for your Canon iPF8300, iPF8300S, iPF6300 or iPF6300S, you may soon find them out of stock. Not to worry, however, since Canon’s updated inks are compatible with these printers, as well as Canon’s new printers, including the iPF9400, iPF9400S, iPF8400, iPF6400 and iPF6450.

The updated inks are now available at LexJet. You can either order them through your customer specialist (800-453-9538) or find them at the LexJet website. Click here for the updated iPF8300/8300S/8400/9400 Inks, and click here for the updated iPF6300/6300S/6400/6450 Inks.

Keep in mind that the previous inks will not work with the new iPFX400 series of printers. However, the new ink sets are plug-and-play with the iPFX300 series.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, give us a call at 800-453-9538.

From the Basement to the Catbird Seat at Woodard Photographic

Large format inkjet printed products for photographyWoodard Photographic, based in Bellevue, Ohio with seven locations in north-central Ohio, is a senior high school portrait powerhouse that began in George and Karen Woodard’s basement in 1965. Now co-owned and operated by their son, Marc, and an outside family member, Roger Wilburn, Woodard Photographic has maintained its primary focus – high-end senior portraits – while steadily growing its business to encompass much of the region surrounding northeast Ohio.

Woodard Photographic is an extremely savvy business-minded company that hasn’t lost sight of the art of photography in the process. The company quickly branched out from its Bellevue roots, touring high schools in north central Ohio and into Michigan in a mobile studio.

Inkjet printed photographic productsThe mobile studio became the basis for the addition of one location after another. Woodard Photographic’s Ohio locations now include the company headquarters in Bellevue and another location in town, along with locations in Akron, Brunswick, Columbus, Perrysburg and Westlake.

“In 1990 we opened our first branch office and have since done away with our mobile studios and gone to seven locations across Ohio whereby we provide a high-quality, on-location look. We provide mainly senior photography and the rest of what we do draws from that work in the schools and the community,” says Marc Woodard. “We are vertically integrated; we’re one of the few large scale photographers that maintain their own lab.”

Inkjet printing photo products and promotionsWoodard Photographic’s lab is now 100 percent digital. The company began integrating digital technology in 2000, converted all the studios over to digital in 2001 and added large-format inkjet production about five years ago. All of Woodard Photographic’s printing is centralized at the Bellevue headquarters. “We pride ourselves on the quality of our photography and we centralize to maintain that quality and convenience for our clients. We have drivers that go to our locations with supply drop-offs and to pick up work, and orders are direct-shipped to our clients,” says Woodard.

When Woodard Photographic first added large-format inkjet printing, the company used it mainly to print posters and other promotional displays. “It was basically a support printer,” says Woodard.

Printing wallpaper borders with an inkjet printer
This is a great school spirit product: Wallpaper borders printed on Photo Tex.

“Now we print posters, banners, table runners, wall murals and borders. This past summer we took a real hard look and decided to integrate re-sellable product lines to our mix as well. From a sublimation standpoint, we’re printing license plates and dog tags, plastic license plate frames, can cozies, yard signs and other promotional add-ons. We have so many different products going it’s not even funny, but it opens up whole new avenues of printing. We’re geared toward doing intricate design work, mass producing it and adding personalization to the image,” adds Woodard.

The challenge in the Facebook age is to maintain the connection with the client and provide products that evoke the original emotion of the photo session. “We’re trying to create an in-studio experience that they can’t produce on their own at home. As we embrace inkjet it opens up a whole new level of product line. You can now offer a high-end leather coffee table book or wall murals and borders. You have to think differently and be smart enough to do it to make money as a professional. You have to give a reason for the client to come in, and that comes down to experience and emotion,” explains Woodard.

The addition of a Canon iPF8300 in July and another one from LexJet in October helped Woodard Photographic begin to fulfill that goal of providing unique large-format products to its client base. Woodard is especially impressed by Photo Tex, a repositionable adhesive fabric that can be re-used.

Printing photo products with a Canon printer“A lot of our ideas have come through talking to LexJet, watching the videos and reading the blog, and Photo Tex is the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Because of our large client base we don’t put any product out there until it’s fully tested, so I printed a 16×20 sample of Photo Tex, cut it in half, put half in my office and the other half on a westerly facing side of our building on brown metal where the sun would bake it in the summer,” says Woodard. “I put it up on July 8 and brought it back inside after eight weeks or so and held it up against the print we kept indoors there was maybe a 10 percent change in the quality in terms of fading. Then I scrunched it into a ball, pulled it back apart, applied it to the wall and smoothed it out, and you couldn’t see any wrinkling. This is what excites me. We ended up creating some wallpaper products for our schools where we can affordably print self-adhered wallpaper for doorways, school spirit banners for seniors and created a whole new market for us.  It has less to do with our photography and more our connection with satisfying our clients’ needs, the schools we service. This allows us to sell some other cool things to them.”

Ultimately, says Woodard, it’s about creating differentiators as the photography market continues to evolve. As digital was the big wave earlier in the century, inkjet has the same potential, coupled with advancements in social media and all the doo-dads – iPads and whatnot – that go along with them.

“The big thing our industry has to deal with is creating value for the client so they want to own our printed products. The Jake and Emilies, as we call them, are sophisticated and increasingly dependent on electronic images on their phone and not necessarily interested in prints,” says Woodard. “So how do we make money as an industry if they’re simply putting their electronic images in their phones and we’re not getting paid for printed images? It’s a struggle, but it’s also an opportunity for those who have a vision of what’s possible. I really think it’s an exciting time in the industry as the transformation takes place. We went through a huge transformation with digital and we’re going through a similar one now.”

For more information about Woodard Photographic go to and

Track Printing Costs with Canon’s Accounting Manager Software

Accounting manager software Canon printersThe Accounting Manager software included with the Canon iPF6300, iPF6350 and iPF8300 is a powerful utility that allows you to track printing costs down to the penny. Once set up, the software tracks the amount of media and ink used for each individual job and provides you with the cost for that job. This information can even be exported to Microsoft Excel for long term cost tracking.

The Accounting Manager software is only available for PC users. However, if you are running a Mac and your printer is networked, you can still use this software from a PC on the network.

In the video below, you will learn how to access, set up, and track your printing costs for jobs printed on the iPF6300, iPF6350, and iPF8300.

Printing through Photoshop and the Canon Driver

Print with Photoshop through Canon driverFor those users who do not want to utilize the easy-to-use Canon Print Plug-In for Photoshop, detailed in yesterday’s post, you can use the traditional method of printing with Photoshop through the Canon printer driver.

In the two videos below, you will learn the workflow for printing to a Canon imagePROGRAF printer from Photoshop through the Canon printer driver using a Mac or PC in that order.

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Borderless printing through Photoshop and the Canon printer driver using a Mac or a PC
Using Canon’s Job Accounting Software – PC only for the iPF6300, iPF6350, and iPF8300
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Importing custom media types for Canon iPF inkjet printers

How to Import Custom Media Types for Canon iPF Inkjet Printers

Import custom media types ICC profiles Canon inkjet printer

When printing to Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6300, iPF6350 or iPF8300 large format inkjet printers you need to make sure that you are using the correct ICC Profile and Media Type. Both are available for download at

The Canon Media Configuration Tool for these three printers allows you to add custom media types for third-party media. Importing a custom media type offers users several advantages over selecting a generic media type. It allows the following information to be built into the media type file:

  • Paper Feed Adjustment (especially important with canvas)
  • Roll paper settings like automatic cutting, drying time and borderless printing
  • Ink limits, vaccum strength and head height (all important in telling the printer how to lay down ink)

In the videos below you will learn how to import custom media types with the Canon Media Configuration Tool using a PC and Mac. If you have any questions about this or importing custom media types for other printers, please give us a call…