An Almost Infinite Variety at Infinite Imaging

Inkjet printing canvas for corporate lobbies
Copyright IonBond LLC

As its name implies, Infinite Imaging is one of the most versatile digital printers on the eastern seaboard. Based in Portsmouth, N.H., Infinite Imaging’s success is based on its can-do attitude. There is very little, if anything, the company can’t do, especially when it comes to customer service.

“The company started with me and one guy, and now it’s me and 23 others and it’s based almost exclusively on customer service. Everyone talks about customer service, but only a few actually do it,” says owner and founder Bill Hurley. “For instance, I have someone employed just to make phone calls to make sure our customers are happy, and the phone’s not allowed to ring more than three times.”

That’s just the tip of the customer service iceberg at Infinite Imaging, but it speaks to an overall philosophy that has led to its unprecedented growth and success, even during economically trying times.

Case in point is the two projects pictured here for IonBond and Max Edge. IonBond is a company that with an ionization process for coating new metal parts and Max Edge is a fitness center. Both received similar treatments of LexJet Simple Flo Wrap Vinyl on cinder block walls. In addition, Infinite Imaging applied simple graphics to the interior walls at Max Edge, and created canvas wraps with LexJet Sunset Reserve Bright Matte Canvas for IonBond.

Printing wall graphics with an inkjet printerThe result was exactly what the customers wanted to promote their products and services. “The Max Edge project in particular came out great. They loved it and it was a treat to install,” says Hurley. “And, when we’re looking for inkjet media, LexJet is our first call because they’re totally responsive to our needs.”

This is an important factor for Hurley since the company has such a wide range of customers and employs a number of digital processes to produce both small format and wide format output. Infinite Imaging dove into wide format back in 1998 when the market was still relatively immature, leveraging its expertise in offset printing.

“The second I saw wide format I knew it would be a huge market. Today, we are one of the largest reprographers in New Hampshire and we do all kinds of digital printing, including the wide format division,” says Hurley.

Inkjet printing wall graphics for a corporation
Copyright IonBond LLC

In addition to an emphasis on responsive customer service, Hurley and Infinite Imaging are extremely active in the community. The company provides automatic discounts to non-profits, for example, to help them print promotions and marketing materials more economically. It’s a good deed and it raises awareness in the community about the quality of Infinite Imaging’s work.

“My company has the products every non-profit needs, which are printed marketing materials – banners, flyers, tri-folds and whatnot – so they always come to us. When you’re active in the community they get to see you firsthand, and they know you’re for real,” says Hurley.