Minimizing Downtime of Your Wide-Format Inkjet Printer

As your inkjet printer continues to crank out job after job, day after day, it’s easy to forget that someday your trusty old workhorse might just decide to quit one day.  In order to be prepared and to get production running again as quickly as possible, here are four important questions to ask yourself:

1.       Do I have the warranty hotline number and printer’s serial number readily accessible?

Write these numbers down and keep them where they can be easily found. Then, as you work with the manufacturer on the service/warranty issue, write down all the details, including the name of the person who helped you with the problem. In a nutshell: Document, document, document.

2. Do I have a manufacturer’s warranty or is my existing warranty through a third party?

Surprisingly, you may get on-site service more quickly through a third party. If you have a newer printer, and your issue is deemed non-fixable over the phone, you can usually expect someone to show up within 48 hours. Of course this time frame will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some third-party warranty suppliers with more service technicians at their disposal can have someone at your door within 24 hours.

3. How old is my printer, and is it still under warranty?

The age of your printer will most likely guide your decision about whether or not to sink more money into it or to simply replace it. If the answer is to replace it, the good news is that the cost of aqueous wide-format inkjet printers have decreased dramatically in recent years. Printers that once cost more than $10,000 can now be purchased in the $5,000 to $7,000 range. If you’ve let your warranty expire, it might be worthwhile to spend a little extra for a new printer instead of paying for parts and labor from a service technician.

4. Can I trade in the printer or get a free one somehow?

During the course of the year, printer manufacturers sometimes run promotions that give you cash back when you trade in your old printer for one of their newer models. LexJet is an excellent one-stop source for this information. So call a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538 if you’re interested in a trade-in. Be sure to ask about any special programs or deals that LexJet may be offering on printer purchases.

Being prepared to deal with repair issues can save time, hassles, and money down the road. If you ever experience difficulty with your printer or need guidance on repairs, warranty, or replacement, your LexJet account specialist is happy to help. Call 800-453-9538. If you have questions regarding any of the information in this post, ask away.