SGIA Releases Industry Technology Adoption Report

SGIA has released its first-ever Industry Technology Adoption Survey, which offers an in-depth look at how different types of technology is being used by graphic producers, garment decorators, and industrial printers.

The executive summary notes that “For the past several years we’ve been on a fast-track for digital equipment sales as screen-printing companies added digital capability. As it pertains to the mid-size and larger graphic producers, we are through the adoption phase of digital imaging. We’ve crested the top of the bell curve. Today, much of the digital imaging equipment sold to these companies replaces older digital equipment or adds capacity.”

According to the US report, 50 percent of graphic imagers use both screen printing and digital imaging processes, while only five percent are screen-only facilities and 46 percent are digital-only. The report shows that screen printers will continue to add digital technology, but most digital printers will not be adding screen printing capability.