Video: HP Designjet Graphics Printers Overview

HP Graphics Printers at LexJetThe HP Designjet Z3200, Z5200 and Z5400 have a solid track record in the large format inkjet printer market.

Each is a versatile graphics printer that meets a different set of needs with consistent color and easy use for applications like point of purchase, backlits, photo reproduction, posters, canvas printing, presentations and more.

For an overview of HP’s Designjet Graphics printers and to get a better idea about which one might best fit your needs, check out the video embedded below. For more details, call your LexJet printer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Check back tomorrow for an overview of HP’s Designjet Production Printers: the HP Designjet Z6200Z6600 and Z6800.

Inkjet Media Profiles Made Easy with the HP Z6200 and Z3200

HP Designjet PrintersHP’s Designjet Z6200 and Z3200 are equipped with an on-board i1 spectrophotometer, which makes it quite simple to create your own media presets and profiles for printing through the HP driver.

You can also create profiles using the on-board spectrophotometer if you’re using ONYX or any other RIP, though the process is a bit more complicated.

If you’re printing through the driver, following is a full video tutorial that shows, step by step, how you can create your own media preset and profile. Using this simple process there should be no need to use generic HP settings with LexJet or any other inkjet media…

Custom Leather Book Cover Demos at Print 13 in Chicago

LexJet and FastbindUSA will unveil a new print process for creating full-color, photographic images on leather book and album covers at Print 13 in Chicago, Sept. 8-12, in Booth 2684.

CoverFilm from FastbindUSAThe new print process is based on the proprietary Avatrex coating technology from LexJet, which can be created with wide-format aqueous, solvent and latex printers, as well as HP Indigo presses.

FastbindUSA has designed a process using its case-making system and Avatrex technology, called CoverFilm, that allows a full-color image to be transported onto and conformed to virtually any surface or substrate. In this case, the CoverFilm method produces a custom print that retains all of the qualities of the leather – the look (or “hand”), feel and smell – since the process essentially fuses the artwork into the leather.

“CoverFilm encapsulates the ink between the substrate surface and the outer layer, protecting the ink and substrate from the elements without the need to add an additional layer of lamination,” explains Kent Dalzell of FastbindUSA. “The result is a custom print that keeps the original surface texture, but is durable enough to make photo book or photo album hard case covers.”

Avatrex technology, a winner of the Print Industries of America Intertech Technology Award in 2012, was developed combining a proprietary nano-chemistry with a proprietary coating technology called the Synergistic Layering Process.  This chemistry and process allow Avatrex to operate as a printable media and laminate, as well as an adhesive in specific applications, all in one material.

Avatrex technology has also been certified and awarded a 3 Star rating by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) for use with HP 4000 and 6000 series Indigo presses and the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press’ One-Shot process.

The technology will be demonstrated at the FastbindUSA booth using an HP Z3200 aqueous wide-format printer. Samples created with other print technologies, including HP Latex and HP Indigo, will also be featured in the booth.

Print 13 attendees who visit the FastbindUSA booth can also take advantage of show-only specials and promotions. For more information about Avatrex technology, go to, or contact LexJet at 800-453-9538.

Creating Media Presets for an HP Z Series Printer

Custom Media Presets for HP Z Series PrintersOne of the best features of the HP Z6200 and Z3200 is the ability to create custom ICC profiles for the media that you print to using the printer’s on-board spectrophotometer.

Creating a media preset using the Color Center in the HP Utility will help you to achieve the best and most consistent color results, helping you get the best quality from your printer.

In the video embedded below, learn how to easily create a custom media preset…

iPad Mini Giveaway Countdown

Buy a printer and inkjet media and get a free iPad Mini

Starting today (Thursday, Nov. 15), LexJet is giving away an iPad Mini with every purchase of a 42″ or wider printer and/or laminator plus $500 of qualifying LexJet media (inkjet-printable media, laminates, adhesives and backers) for the next 30 days or while supplies last, so act quickly to make sure you get your free iPad Mini before we run out.

Go to to see how much time you have left to take advantage of this special promotion for a free iPad Mini. Then, contact a LexJet customer specialist by phone at 800-453-9538 to cash in on this offer (the promotion can only be redeemed by calling in for it and is not available online).

Qualifying printers at LexJet include, but are not limited to: Canon’s iPF8400S 44-inch printer and iPF9400S 60-inch production printer; Epson’s SureColor S30670 low-solvent production printer and Stylus Pro 11880 64-inch photo printer, and; HP’s L26500 61-inch and L28500 104-inch production latex printers, Z3200 44-inch photo printer and Z6200 42-inch and 60-inch photo printers.

Qualifying laminators at LexJet include, but are not limited to:  GBC’s 2080WFt 79-inch cold, hot laminator, Seal’s 44 Ultra Plus 44-inch cold, hot laminator, Daige’s Solo 55-inch cold laminator, and D&K’s Expression 42 Plus cold, hot laminator. For all the qualifying brands, equipment and media/laminates, go to

As an added bonus, all printer and laminator purchases come with free shipping and a $9.99 flat rate on all other orders from LexJet’s nationwide network of distribution centers. Plus, you’ll get free and unlimited product and technical phone support from your customer specialist.

With additional bundled offers from LexJet, Section 179 tax incentives from the Federal government, and end-of-year rebates and specials from our printer manufacturer partners – Canon, Epson and HP – this iPad Mini Giveaway Countdown offer is the perfect head start into the Holiday season.

For more information and to take advantage of this offer, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538. 

Winner of HP Magnum Expression Award Will Receive $10,000 Grant

Entering and winning photography competitions can help you gain national and international exposure for your work. Over the next few weeks, we will be publicizing some of the many competitions that can help you earn recognition for your talents.

Magnum Photos, in association with HP, have announced the second annual Expression Photography Award. The award was established with the goal of raising awareness and inspiring change through projects that use photography as an expressive medium. Its mission is to help discover and illuminate compelling documentary photography.Entries will be judged by an international panel of four Magnum photographers (Jim Goldberg, Martin Parr, Trent Parke, and Mark Power) and one representative from HP’s large-format printing group.