Hear What Users Are Saying About the New Epson S-Series Printers

Earlier this year, Epson released a new line of SureColor S-Series printers with re-engineered imaging technology and updated inks. The Epson customer testimonials below give insight on how these new printers are delivering exceptional quality while improving production time.

Tracy Eschenbrenner, owner of Sunset Signs in Anaheim, Calif., was looking for a new printer that was efficient, cost effective and didn’t sacrifice quality for speed. He opted for the Epson SureColor S30675.

“Before we got the Epson, we were constantly behind the 8-ball to get the job done,” Eschenbrenner says. “So the jobs are [now] going out same day, whereas before they were taking one or maybe two days. All the way around, it’s been a faster process, which obviously makes us more profitable.”

Lorin Young, owner of Design Dynamics in Orange County, Calif., needed a machine to add versatility to his quickly growing business. With more demand for clear vinyl projects, the ability to use white ink on his new Epson SureColor S50675 was a “pleasant surprise.”

“We use white ink to create more pop,” Young says. “We put white on a little heavier, then put a color on top of the white, which creates a really dynamic look. With the new S50, we’re providing better quality, and doing it more productively.”

Monica Denosta, president and CEO of Picture It On Canvas in San Diego, Calif., says the reliability of the Epson SureColor S70675 is one of its greatest benefits. “It runs 24-hours a day, seven days a week and it’s the most reliable printer we’ve ever had,” she says.

All three printers come with an instant $2,000 rebate through the end of July. Check our Rebates page each month for new savings options.

3 Things You Need to Know About the New Epson S-Series Printers


Earlier this month, Epson introduced a new line of 64-inch SureColor S-Series printers. The SureColor S30675 is an ideal entry-level sign printer, delivering reliable output up to 140 square-feet per hour.

The SureColor S70675 is Epson’s latest high-quality photographic signage output machine, perfect for everyday production, with speeds of up to 190 square-feet per hour.

These two printers began shipping this month.

Epson’s SureColor S50675, which is expected to be available beginning in June, produces high-quality output up to 240 square-feet per hour, making it Epson’s fastest signage print — ideal for high-volume, busy print shops.

Here are three key points to know about these new S-Series printers:

1. Under the hood. Epson’s engineers took customer feedback and improved the machines’ imaging technologies, including the addition of a Dual-Array PrecisionCore® TFP® print heads.

Eps_scS50_features2_375x3422. Ink updates. These printers utilize Epson’s UltraChrome GS2 and UltraChrome GSX solvent inks. The Epson Orange Plus ink has been upgraded for an extended color gamut. The optional high-density white ink is paired with a sedimentation-reduction technology to keep the cartridge from drying out. Plus, these S-Series printers have a Metallic Silver ink option, as well.

3. Rebates. Through the end of April, these printers come with an instant $2,000 rebate. Prices for the SureColor S30675SureColor S70675 and SureColor S50675 reflect this discount. Check our Rebates page each month for new savings options. So stay tuned for May rebates.

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