Introducing the EPSON SureColor F2100 Direct-to-Garment Printer

When Epson unveiled the original SureColor F2000 printer a few years ago, it set the benchmark in high-performance direct-to-garment imaging. With the announcement of the new SureColor F2100 White Edition, Epson has raised the DTG bar again, offering improvements in productivity, print quality and reliability.

Compared to screen printing, this DTG technology significantly simplifies digitally printing t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags and more, whether you’re printing one or 100.

One of the factors contributing to the improvement of image quality, print speed and brightness is a second coating of white ink and simultaneous printing of color and white inks. As is the case with the F2000, the Epson pretreatment fluid is required when using white ink, as it aids in the durability and opacity of the ink. Also, Epson’s Precision Dot technology features variable size ink droplet control for better print quality and 10% greater range of color.

The latest Epson DTG technology requires minimal user maintenance because of the inline automatic cleaning system. With this upgrade, no ink is used during the cleaning process and there’s no need to manually wash the tubes after daily use. Total time of maintenance has dropped to about 10 minutes per week, lessening the ink waste and labor cost associated with printer upkeep.

The SureColor F2100 will start shipping in March. If you have questions about bringing garment printing in-house to offer custom images for your clients or for more information on the Epson SureColor F2100, contact a LexJet sales representative at 800-453-9538.

On-Demand Printed T-Shirts? Now You Can


T-Shirt and Sons has been in the t-shirt printing business since the late 1980s. Now based in Westbury, UK, these long-term textile printing pros who produce 40,000 shirts a week were the ideal testimonial for Epson’s new SureColor F2000 direct-to-garment inkjet printer, using UltraChrome DG ink technology.

“The quality of color is so much better than anyone else’s ink system,” Andy Lunt, the company’s director and co-founder, says in a video produced by Epson. “The brightness is second to none … the quality is as bright as a screen print, which is unusual for digital print.” (Watch the video below for more from Lunt’s operation.)

Epson’s  new technology makes it possible to create an abundance of vibrant colored t-shirts with ease and speed. The printer holds six high-capacity cartridges in two different sizes, ensuring versatility of color on garments. The three different sizes of garment platens as well as a sleeve platen allows for custom printing of each garment.

“It’s very simple,” Lunt explains. “You upload an image, click on it, set parameters and the size you want to print it out, position it and off you go.”

The hoop-based system makes garment loading simple, and the user-adjustable platen height setting allows you to create an assortment of t-shirts easily. The automatic height verification system uses an LED beam to detect height, notably reducing print time.

Uploading designs for the t-shirts is effortless with the help of the USB memory for PC free printing, and the LCD display with full image preview lets you view the image before it’s printed. A clear window top is also present so you can oversee the printing process with an unobstructed view.

“The prints that they produce are by far the best I’ve seen of any desktop inkjet printer for textiles,” Lunt says. “I think you’ll probably get bored of the print before the print falls off the shirt.”

Learn more about the Epson SureColor F2000 in the video below.