Achieve Brilliant Quality Glossy Canvas Without Lamination

The Elements Portfolio offers a stellar selection of quality canvases to create high-end works of art to high-volume production prints.

Making its grand debut in the Gemstone Collection is the NEW Elements Crystal Opal Gloss Canvas! This high-quality polycotton gloss canvas has been specially crafted to provide stunning glossy prints and is an ideal choice for fine-art reproductions, gallery wraps, and other similar applications.

This canvas is specifically designed for print environments where liquid lamination or spray coatings are not supported, but a glossy finish is desired. It provides a glossy finish at a lower cost, time, and hassle compared to traditional liquid laminates.

Crystal Opal offers a bright white finish on a 2-over-1 weave, which makes it both durable and soft to the touch. The polycotton blend also ensures that the canvas has excellent color reproduction and sharpness, which is critical for producing high-quality prints.

Each unique canvas in this collection offers the high quality and durability you expect from the Elements Portfolio. With its excellent color reproduction, durability, softness, and compatibility with aqueous printers, Crystal Opal is an excellent choice for photographers, artists, and print shops that require high-quality prints and is available now for purchase.

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Customer Stories: Finding the Silver Lining

Wasting time is precisely the challenge Richard Forschino, owner of Coastal Giclee and Supplies, was facing when his fine art reproduction business in Carmel, California, grew and demanded faster production. He recognized that opportunity was knocking at his door, and something had to change with his workflow to accommodate his new business stream.

Before he started his business, Richard and his wife, Delia Bradford, a well-known Impressionist artist, invested in costly printed art to be sold at art shows and festivals. At their first event, Richard recalls, “It started to drizzle, and the ink ran off the canvases that we spent a lot of money for. So, we started researching equipment and the process.” What many may see as a significant setback and unfortunate event, Richard and Delia looked for the silver lining that turned out to be a profitable business opportunity.

In the early days of his printing business, Richard relied on the equipment and media that were available at the time. He remembers the old media “had to be coated before being stretched. It was a huge process, very labor intensive… I had a flood coater. You had to print a whole roll at a time… it was costly.”

He also remembers the difficulty with the old printers during cold weather.  When the canvas got cold, the preheater warmed up the canvas, and certain ones would bubble up, causing head strikes. After some growing pains and time, Richard discovered EPSON’s introduction of an eco-solvent printer into the market, and he knew this was the solution he had been waiting for.

Richard invests in the EPSON line of printers and raves about the performance and speed of the SureColor® S80600 and its impact on his shop’s productivity and workflow. “It runs like a champ…This one’s phenomenal.”

He also discovered the Elements Polished Bianco Bright White Gloss Canvas SUV, which turned out to be a winning combination, “It’s just print and go and stretch and go. The Polished Bianco has the added feature of drying very, very quickly, we don’t have to wait very long.” The Polished Bianco has become Richard’s go-to canvas for his business and Delia’s art gallery. “It has a really nice, rich gloss level… color gamut is amazing… I’m not seeing any pulled threads through the canvas, which I’ve found in the past in many other brands.”

Coastal Giclee and Supplies has enjoyed tremendous success with the EPSON® SureColor® S80600 printer and Elements Polished Bianco Canvas, giving Richard and his staff the ability to provide high-quality art prints to artists, photographers, companies on the west coast and Hawaii, as well as local customers.

Richard and Delia could have allowed that rainy day to put a damper on their future plans, but instead, they used that experience as an opportunity to search for a solution that changed their business forecast for decades!

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Take the Hassle Out of High-Production Printing the Sustainable Way

Welcome the NEW Elements Maldives Recycled Semi-Gloss Canvas, the latest addition to the Boundless Collection in the LexJet Elements Portfolio!

This new semi-gloss canvas fulfills the wish of all that dream of an outstanding high-quality canvas for high-volume production runs at an affordable price. Maldives Recycled Semi-Gloss Canvas produces high-quality canvas wraps that resist cracking when stretched and provides single-step print production, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming top coating.

This canvas achieves an artistic look and feel for photo enlargements, reproductions, retail and hospitality décor, and more. It is a bright white, slightly textured, semi-gloss finish canvas that meets environmental goals, made with recycled plastic water bottles [1] and coating materials. It saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and diverts material from landfills [2].

The canvases in the Boundless Collection offer the high quality you expect from the Elements Portfolio at an affordable price point. The new Elements Maldives Recycled Semi-Gloss Canvas is compatible with aqueous printers and available now for purchase.

The ease and beauty of an affordable canvas without the need for top coating are at your fingertips. To learn more, please contact a LexJet Customer Specialist at 800-453-9538.

1 100% of total PET resin in the product made from recycled water bottles. The coating does not contain recycled materials. Certified according to Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Version 3.0, March 2017.
2 According to “A Report on the Potential Recovery of Beverage Containers at Venues and Events” published on EPA website



LexJet’s Holiday Gift Guide: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

‘Tis the season for giving, so we’re going to help make your gift-giving and gift-making a little less stressful and a lot more lucrative with the most popular holiday products. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle; prepare now for the busy holiday season!

Photographers and print shops will want to offer the beautiful and affordable canvases in the Elements Portfolio that are certain to dazzle their customers. The collections feature everything from high-end canvases for discerning clients to high-quality, high-volume recycled canvases for environmentally conscious consumers. These canvases are the perfect gifts to display treasured family portraits, wedding memories, or exciting journeys.

Elements Quarry Collection

Makers and DIYers have many customizable and hot-selling options to offer their customers! Our sublimation products include Unisub coasters, ornaments, magnets, key chains, pet tags, and the beautiful ChromaLuxe® Wall Tiles that will brighten someone’s holiday. ChromaLuxe® tiles are available in various sizes and finishes offering superior quality and durability.

There is something to be said for a well-wrapped gift. The care given to the wrapping says as much about the giver as the recipient. Our recyclable HP Satin Wrapping Paper allows you to bring your unique and whimsical designs to life. This paper is quick drying and stays intact with handling- avoiding smudges and smears, making the wrapping as valuable as the gift itself.

Sunset Production eSatin 250 is a premium-quality, resin-coated photo paper that is part of our award-winning Sunset lineup. This satin-finish photo paper makes high-volume, production-oriented printing easier. It’s an excellent solution for posters and commercial displays for holiday signage and for all those holiday portraits shared each year.

Customized gifts are hot sellers, adding a much more personal touch to company gifts for employees, for family and friends, and for customers that want their unique gift to stand out from the rest.

No matter what you plan to offer your customers, we have the high-quality products to help you stay ahead of the competition. To learn more, please contact a LexJet Customer Specialist at 800-4-LEXJET.

Introducing the NEW standard in fine art printing: Elements Black Opal OBA-Free Matte Canvas

Much like the classical elements that make Earth beautiful and strong, LexJet’s Elements Portfolio offers the fundamental elements needed to create high-end works of art or high-volume production prints.

The Gemstone Collection – Brilliant Quality

The Gemstone Collection is an exquisite collection of canvas materials tailor-made for artists and photographers to showcase their masterpieces and the latest addition to the luxurious Gemstone Collection is just as distinguished!  Introducing the NEW Elements Black Opal OBA-Free Matte Canvas– a true gem perfect for creating everything from fine art reproductions to canvas wraps! Black Opal is a rich polycotton matte canvas that is free of OBAs, features a 2 over 1 weave, and produces consistent and beautiful images. It is compatible with aqueous printers and available now for purchase.

Like brilliantly handcrafted gemstones, Elements Fire Opal Bright White Matte Canvas is a jewel of a canvas that allows artists to create high-quality canvases that emphasize the beauty of the art being displayed and captures their client’s keen eye. This polycotton matte canvas offers a bright white finish on a 2 over 1 weave and is compatible with aqueous and latex printers.

Elements Gemstone Collection

The Quarry Collection – Rock Solid Performance

Bringing the strength of the canvas to the versatile world of high-volume production of art is the Quarry Collection. The canvases in this collection offer stellar performance and the high quality you expect from the Elements Portfolio at an affordable price point.

Elements Carrara OBA-Free Semi Matte Canvas SUV is a bright semi-matte polycotton canvas with a 2 over 1 weave that is free of OBAs, a sought-after feature by many artists for long-term consistency. It is compatible with latex, solvent, and UV curable printers.

Elements Bianco Bright White Satin Canvas SUV is satin canvas, and Elements Polished Bianco Bright White Gloss Canvas SUV is a gloss canvas, both radiant white polycotton, with a 2 over 1 weave that is compatible with latex, solvent, and UV curable printers. The Polished Bianco is designed for commercial décor that is sure to get noticed.

Elements Kashmir Bright White Production Satin Canvas SUV is a durable bright white polyester satin canvas that is compatible with latex, solvent, and UV compatible printers.

The Boundless Collection – Art Without Limits

As the sun, sky, and oceans are boundless, so is the canvas in the Boundless Collection, created with our planet in mind. This cost-effective collection offers eco-friendly canvas materials made from recycled water bottles, proving that art has no limits.

Elements Andes Recycled Satin Canvas SUV is a polyester satin canvas that features a 2 over 1 weave and is compatible with latex, solvent, and UV curable printers. 100% of the polyester resin is made from recycled water bottles. Andes Recycled Satin Canvas SUV is an innovative product that brings art to life while helping reduce plastic waste that clutters the beauty of land and sea.

Elements Quarry Collection

From grand masterpieces to high-volume works of art, the Elements Portfolio offers a solution for any of your artistic needs. To learn more, please contact a LexJet Customer Specialist at 800-4-LEXJET.