No Foolin’: Great Deals on Thermal Laminates through the End of April

Laminating inkjet prints
This Guinness point of sale display with a moat is protected with LexJet 3 Mil Gloss UV Premium Low Melt laminate.

Through the end of April LexJet is offering 25 percent off of its most popular thermal laminates for a savings of up to $166 per roll. Here are the specific laminates you can get for 25 percent off by April 30

LexJet’s Standard thermal low-melt UV polyester laminates provide high clarity, increased bond strength, superior resistance to abrasion, water, oil, acid and alkali and are perfect for high-production runs on bond inkjet paper, microporous-coated inkjet paper, electrostatic and continuous tone photographic prints.

For more information about this 25 percent off promotion that’s good until April 30, application guidance and help with anything else, contact a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.