Inspiration and Practical Application Info at Digital Art Creation Magazine

Digital Art Creation MagazineYou can never have enough information, even in the Information Age. Digital Art Creation, which is a quarterly online publication, is filled with content that includes photo and post-capture techniques, printing and post-printing tips, and a variety of other subjects of interest to photographers, designers and graphic artists.

Digital Art Creation is free for the read-only edition at the website: Simply fill out an opt-in email form at the home page and the link to the quarterly publication will be sent to your mailbox. A read-only version is hosted on the site and downloads are available for $4.99 per issue.

The September issue is scheduled to be ready around September 15. Back issues of Digital Paint Magazine – the precursor to Digital Art Creation dedicated primarily to digital painting – can also be found at

Here are some highlights from Digital Art Creation to catch up on from the past year (click on the publication date to access the full content)…

February 2013: Profiles of artists from the 2013 Digital Art Summit, including Darrell Chitty, Thom Rouse, Marco Bucci, Paul Tomason, and many more.

December 2012: Canvas Wrap Details, Old Master profile Picasso, Using Drawings as a Management Tool by Victor Lunn-Rockliffe, Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces: Recycled Plastic by KathyAnne White, and more.

October 2012: Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints by Ralph Cooksey-Talbott, Woody’s Smoke Brushes by Woody Walters, Old Master Rembrandt by Nadia Lim, Printing on Silk by KathyAnne, video marketing, an interview with Miklos Foldi and Peter Nagy, and more.

And there’s more when you go to

Digital Art Creation Magazine App Now at iTunes

Magazine for digital art and productionAs noted earlier in July here at the LexJet Blog, Digital Art Creation magazine premiered as a digital publication and is now available optimized for the iPad at Apple’s iTunes store. The app is free and a monthly subscription is $3.99.

However, you can access the July issue for free by using the code: issue1_preview. To use the code, click on this link, then click on subscribe>current subscribers and put the code in the window. A free read-only text version is also available at the website.

Published monthly, Digital Art Creation focuses on photography techniques, post capture software and techniques, printing and post-printing ideas, and an exploration of a variety of other techniques and platforms.

The August issue is expected to be ready around Aug. 15 and will be available at both iTunes and the Digital Art Creation website. Here’s a preview of the subjects that will be covered in the August issue: 

  • Attorney Carolyn Wright talks about copyright issues
  • Artist Melissa Gallo demonstrates some Corel Painter techniques
  • Renoir is featured in the Old Masters section
  • Marketing Buzz profiles Cookie Monster, Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross’s Happy Trees
  • Find out the truth about the color wheel as Scott Naismith urges you to choose between the proverbial red and blue pills. Part two of a three part series
  • The Great Output section provides helpful direction on fine art and fine photo printing, plus choosing the best rendering intent
  • Skip Allen shows how to build custom libraries for you brushes in Corel Painter

For more information, go to Back issues of Digital Paint Magazine – the precursor to Digital Art Creation dedicated primarily to digital painting – can be found at June 2012 was the last issue.